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God I love John Bolton: (h/t Expose The Left)

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: Have you ever heard of that report?

BOLTON: I?d never heard of the report, I never read the article, nor do I intend to.

KUCINICH: Do you have any interest as to whether or not?as the U.S. Ambassador, you don?t have any interest as to whether or not U.S. Marines are actually operating in Iran right now?

BOLTON: I said I had not heard of the report and I didn?t intend to read the article in ?The New Yorker.?

KUCINICH: If I gave you this article right now, walked it over, would you look at it?

: I don?t think so, honestly, Congressman, because I don?t have time to read much fiction.

KUCINICH: We know that U.S. Troops are in Iran. How does this affect U.N. Negotiations?

BOLTON: Congressman, you know more than I do, that?s all I can say.

When Democrats hate you this much you know your doing something right.

Bolton, Alito, & Roberts….Imagine who we would have gotten under Kerry…I shudder to think of it.

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