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Could this poll be any more biased?

Poll: Vast majority believes Iraq mission not accomplished

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Three years after President Bush declared major combat over in Iraq, Americans have strong doubts that the United States will fulfill the promise of his “Mission Accomplished” backdrop, a poll released Monday found.

The CNN poll, conducted April 21-23 by Opinion Research Corporation, found that only 9 percent thought the U.S. mission in Iraq had been accomplished, while 40 percent believed it would be complete someday.

An additional 44 percent said the United States would never accomplish its goals in Iraq, where American troops are still battling insurgents three years after the invasion that toppled former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure this one out. We are still over there, and we are still fighting the terrorists over there. So how in the hell would ANYONE say that the Iraq war is over?

Is it almost accomplished? I believe so. They have a newly elected Government, they have a military that is slowly becoming an independent fighting force:

U.S.: Ramadi battle kills 100-plus insurgents

Two Iraqis also died in the fighting, said Col. John Gronski, commander of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 28th Infantry Division. No Americans were killed.

Gronski said Iraqi forces “are doing very well” in the battle against insurgents in the volatile Anbar province city.

“The Iraqi army is conducting aggressive operations here based on human intelligence from the people of Ramadi themselves,” he said.

Gronski said the Iraqi soldiers’ improved capability has bolstered the morale of U.S. troops working with them.

U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi forces are trying to shut down insurgent supply routes into the area, setting up checkpoints and sometimes closing streets, he said.

They have a new Prime Minister, and we have defeated Al-Qaeda:

April 30, 2006: Despite the many brickbats of the media, al Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq, and is now retreating to lick its wounds where it can. If it can. Just over four and a half years, al Qaeda has gone from being the dominant terrorist group in the world to a defeated shell of its former self. In trying to defeat the United States, al Qaeda made three big mistakes: They fought the last information war, they underestimated the American leadership, and they also managed to anger the Iraqi people.

Will we be there for a long time, yup. Just as we were in Germany and Japan for quite sometime after the war. We will have a presence there for sometime to come and that’s a good thing.

The poll is obviously taking a poke at the “mission accomplished” sign hubbub. The White House made a mistake on that one. They were right in that the major warfare was over but putting down the terrorists had not been accomplished yet.

Given all that this is still a dishonest poll. CNN decided to ask a loaded question, “is the mission accomplished in Iraq”, knowing that no one in the world thinks the war is over. All so they could write another hit piece on the Bush administration.

Just so blatantly biased.

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