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We’ve had many examples recently of the left doing ANYTHING to take down Bush. Did they also conspire with foreign political parties to help them achieve this goal?

Check out this article written in 2003 in Norway which shows a definite collusion between the Democratic party and various other Socialist parties worldwide. (h/t Timeout)

Norway’s Labour Party is joining other European social democrats in linking up with the Democrats in the US. The goal is to be prepared with common strategies if a majority of them on both sides of the Atlantic come back to power.

A group of European social democrats, led by former British Foreign Minister Robin Cook, met last week with several top Democratic politicians and party officials. They included US senators Hilary Clinton and Joseph Biden.

They also had meetings with Ron Klain of presidential candidate Wesley Clark’s campaign, and Stan Greenberg, former US President Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist in 1992.

On the agenda was European concern over current US foreign policy and the effects of globalization.

Espen Barth Eide, who led the Norwegian delegation, said the group met “understanding” that “economic globalization must be accompanied by political globalization.”

Recall that soon after this meeting the left came out with the slogan “Bush has squandered the world’s goodwill after 9/11” and many world leaders piled it on.

Just how much collusion was going on between the left in this Country and the left in Europe?

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