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The defense is expected to call mental health experts to testify about signs that Moussaoui suffers from schizophrenia. -from today’s LA Times

Why are we so obsessed with diagnosing human aberrations as “crazy” and needing of medical help and understanding, all the time? We seem to overanalyze everything, wanting to classify hyper, energetic kids as somehow “abnormal” and end up medicating them on ritalin and what-not. In some cases, I’m sure this allows the kid to be “more himself” and function “normal”; but in other instances, I think it is a misdiagnosis, and we medicate perfectly normal people from being who they are, because we find their behavior socially undesireable.

Most of us who are civilized cannot relate to those who are “born killers”. We try to project our compassion and our conscience onto these scumbags. But the problem is, I honestly believe that there are some people in this world who are simply born with a meanness inside them, and are without conscience. They are defective. That no matter what kind of nurturing environment is provided, certain human aberrations naturally gravitate toward “hanging out with the wrong crowd”; or for choosing a certain ideology. THEY are responsible for who they are. Not society.

I have no problem dehumanizing Zacarias Moussaoui. I believe he’s all but accomplished that on his own. I’m also all for capital punishment; but if he doesn’t receive it, I would take great delight if he spends a lifetime of torture behind bars at the hands of butt pirates who want to pillage his arse-anal of ass destruction.

…’scuse my French.

Unfortunately, according to one of his defense lawyers (saying it as a reason he should be spared), if Moussaoui lives, he would be isolated not only from the outside world, but from other prisoners as well. That’s not my idea of punishment fitting the crime. Of course…neither is an execution where a death row inmate is made to feel as little pain as possible, because we are so civilized. Maybe if we actually made the level of violence in execution fit the level of violence in the criminal act, then capital punishment might actually succeed as a deterrent. Dare to carry out your sick fantasy by raping and setting someone on fire…..well then, the career criminal who is a walking piece of crud without conscience, should be made to feel the pain of his victim. I’d say that might make some lowlifes think twice about carrying out torture and inhuman violence if they have the foreknowledge that society is capable of dishing it as well as being on the receiving end. My compassion is for the victims; not for the killers. Cruelty to society is the kindness we show to compassionless killers.

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