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A new update has been posted by a Arizona segment of the Minutemen:

We are just beginning our second week of the April mission on the Arizona border. At the beginning of the week we spotted close to 200 hundred illegal aliens, Border Patrol apprehended approximately 30% of those reported by our volunteers on the line. They are so understaffed and over-worked. By midweek the numbers have dropped in sightings from the lines because of direction from the ACLU and the open border proponents to move them around where we are stationed.

This is wonderful as they are popping up close to the highway and being apprehended by BP close to the road.

We are running three shifts, seven days a week and more volunteers keep coming.

The ACLU is on hand, taking our pictures and writing down our license plates. If the purpose is to intimidate us for exercising our civil rights it isn?t working. But, I have come to the understanding the ACLU believes rights are only for liberals and they thing nothing of trying to deny us the same rights that they would sanction to an illegal alien.

They do not get what illegal means according to our constitution and rule of law as a society.

We are running our operations on private property, so that keeps the ACLU at bay.

Every day a large bus makes a minimum of two runs back to the border full of illegal aliens. Keep in mind when they have reached this area and apprehended they are already 30 miles inside the country.

There are demonstrations coming up on Monday to protest legislation on immigration.

I encourage all of you to call your representatives and put on the heat. No amnesty until the borders are sealed period. If you were here with me and could see this first hand you would understand how critical an amnesty will be and how destructive it will be to our country.

A hearty thank you goes out to these great volunteers.? Job well done.

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