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Not only is Cynthia Mckinney a racebaiting victocrat but now she believes ALL the rules don’t apply to her.? As she was heading up to the Capitol to give her “apology” her private security guard got into a shoving match with a reporter.? No big deal right?? Happens all the time with celebrities.? Only thing is that members are not supposed to have private security:

At one point the unidentified bodyguard and MacFarlane bumped into each other. The bodyguard then shoved the reporter telling him, ?I?m going to put your ass in jail.? When asked if he worked for the Capitol Police the bodyguard responded, ?I work for Ms. McKinney.?

Word that McKinney had hired a bodyguard roiled the ranks of the Capitol police who were worried that the guard was carrying a weapon. They said they are concerned about what the bodyguard might do if Capitol police challenged McKinney at a security checkpoint.

So first Mckinney feels she should not have to put a identification pin on her shirt as she entered the Capitol.? Then when the Capitol Police try to stop her she hits the cop.? Then she hires a security guard to follow her around when this is clearly not allowed.? Amazing.

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