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Looks like another one of the Saddam documents have been translated by JVeritas over at Free Republic. This time the document shows a training program was going on 3 weeks prior to our invasion. What kind of training program you ask?

In the Prewar Iraq documents posted on the Pentagon/FMSO website I found document ISGP-2003-00028868 where on pages 20, 21, and 22 of the pdf document there is a top secret memo on how to train and use the Arab Feedaeyeens as Suicide Bombers or as the memo call them ?Estishehadeyeen? which means in Arabic ?Suicide Martyrs?. The Arab Feedaeyeens are definitely foreigners non Iraqi Arabs who came to Iraq from all over the Middle East and North Africa and they were greatly welcomed by Saddam regime and trained by his military and intelligence apparatus to become Suicide Bombers. The Iraqi Feedaeyeens are known as ?Feedaeyeen Saddam? so not to confuse between the two groups. This document proves that not only there were non Iraqi Arab terrorists in Iraq before the war but they were also trained by Saddam regime on how to become suicide bombers by using their own bodies, or suicide bombers using cars and motorcycles full of explosive, or even become suicide bombers using Camels carrying explosives.

These are the non Iraqi Arab terrorists that later on brought death and destruction upon the Iraqi people through many suicide bombings.

The translation of the 3 pages is here:

Translation of Page 20 in the pdf document:

In the Name of God the most Merciful and the most Compassionate

Top Secret

Recommendation on how to use the Arab Feedaeyeens (Suicide Martyrs)

1. Supervision for training and usage

Formation of a devoted commission headed by Lieutenant General Hamza Alwan Zaher from the Directory of Military Engineering and the membership of Staff General Azawi Saleh Hassan from the Directory of Planning and the and Colonel Dr. Abdel Rahim Abdel Saheb Ali from the Directory of Political Orientation and that the commission will be related to Mr. assistant of Chairman of Army Training Staff.

2. The Training Course

The commission will prepare a very intensive training course for a period of week where it will be focused to raise the physical fitness and train on how use the automatic rifle Kalashnikoff and hand grenades and the largest section of the course will be specialized to focus of using the explosive material in the body, in motorcycle, in cars, and in camels.

3. Instructors

They must be dedicated from the Special Forces Command, from the Directory of Military Engineering and from the First Military School those that appear in them competence and capability.

(1-3) Top Secret

Translation of page 21 in the pdf document:

Top Secret

4. Requirement of duty

A. The Explosives

All the explosives and its attachments will be provided by the Directory of Military Engineering.

B . The Cars

All the cars and motorcycles that will be used in fulfilling the duties will be provided by the Department of Armament and Equipping.

C. The Camels

Will be provided by the Directory of General Military Intelligence.

D. Light Weapons

The Kalashnikoff rifles and the hand grenades will be provided by the Department of Armament and Equipping.

5. Usage

The Directory of General Military Intelligence will take the responsibility to provide the dictations and supervise the execution of duties and that this will occur after that the end of extensive training period.

(2-3) Top Secret

Translation of page 22 in the pdf document.

Top secret

6. General issues

A. The representative of the Directory of Political Orientation and the Religious Scholars from among the volunteers to give religious sermons that emphasis on Jihad for the Arab volunteers outside the hours dedicated for training.

B. Provide the Badwen clothing and other equipments (Travel homes,?) by the directory of general military intelligence.

Signature?.. 28/2

(3-3) Top secret.

This just cannot be! Saddam would never have trained non-Iraqi’s the art of terrorism. He would never have sent suicide bombers into Afghanistan to kill our soldiers. He would never had been in cohoots with Osama…..sigh.

This document is another link in the evidence chain that shows the Saddam regime had a connection with Arab terrorist groups and helped train them. As JVeritas stated:

The document that I translated talk about non Iraqi Arabs terorrists and how to train them and use them as suicide bombers. The document call them Feedaeyeen Arabs and in between parentheses (Estshaddeyen) i.e (Suicide martyrs). The document shows a great proof of Saddam Regime training and supporting the non Iraqi Arab terrorists who have been killing the Iraqis for the last three years.

Now these same Arab terrorists are killing the Iraqi people.

But what does the MSM decide to pounce on?

Exasperated, besieged by global pressure,Saddam Hussein and top aides searched for ways in the 1990s to prove to the world they’d given up banned weapons.

“We don’t have anything hidden!” the frustrated Iraqi president interjected at one meeting, transcripts show.

[…]The newly released documents are among U.S. government translations of audiotapes or Arabic-language transcripts from top-level Iraqi meetings ? dating from about 1996-97 back to the period soon after the 1991 Gulf War, when the U.N. Security Council sent inspectors to disarm Iraq.

Even as the documents make clear Saddam’s regime had given up banned weapons, they also attest to its continued secretiveness: A 1997 document from Iraqi intelligence instructed agencies to keep confidential files away from U.N. teams, and to remove “any forbidden equipment.”

That’s right, ignore the memo’s detailing the training of terrorists in country while spending a whole article on Saddam telling the “truth” about his WMD’s. I mean Saddam would never lie would he?

One such document is CMPC-2003-012666, a letter from Qusay Hussein that directs as follows:

Transfer all Kuwaiti POW’s / a total of 448 captured Kuwaitis who are located at the Al-Nida Al-Agher Prison and the Intelligence / General Center and Kazema Prison in Al-Kazema, to make them human shields at all locations that are expected to be attacked by the American aggressors. Put them in communication locations and essential ministries, radio and television, Military Industrial Commissions, and all other locations expected to be attacked by the criminal Anglo-American aggressors.

In addition to the barbarity of using prisoners as human shields, it should be noted that these documents constitute a clear refutation of the official position of the Iraqi government, which claimed from 1996 onwards that while it had taken 126 Kuwaitis prisoner during the Gulf War, they were no longer in Iraqi custody.

And why if he had no WMD’s was he talking about using them against the Kurds:

In a similar vein is CMPC-2004-002219-0, which lays out a series of memos between Saddam’s office, Iraqi military intelligence, and the Iraqi army in order to draw up plans to attack Kurdish guerrilla bases. As these memos make clear, international treaties banning the use of chemical weapons (referred to throughout the memos with the euphemism “special equipment”) were of little interest to Saddam Hussein:

1. Based on our Directorate’s suggestion, an approval from the Secretary of the Presidency Office was obtained to strike, using special equipment, the quarters of Iran’s agents in (Tkiyya, Bilkjar) basin next to Karah Dagh, and (Balisan) basin located on the main road next to Jawarkornah-Khlayfan, and do not execute this strike before informing the Secretary of the Presidency Office on how to implement it.. . . 1. Operations to fight the saboteurs and agents of Iran and Khomeini Guards in your regions, using special equipment are sanctioned as follows:

A. Bases of Iran’s agents in Balisan Basin(Balisan village-Totama-Ghitti-Sheikh Wisan) located next to the main road next to Khlayfan.

>B. Bases of Iran’s agents in village basins of (Tkiyyeh-Biljikar-Siyusnan, in the Karah Dagh vicinity.

. . . 1. The President/Leader (may God save him) ordered our directorate to study, with the professionals, directing a surprise strike against (Khomeini Guards bases located within the quarters of the first division of Barazani’s saboteurs) using special equipment, and the possibility of executing it in any of the following methods (Air Force, Army Air Force, artillery).

. . . 4. The above mentioned targets, in paragraphs(A-B) under item 3, are important bases for Iran’s agents and members of Iranian enemies, are far away (as targets for special equipment) from our units. They are considered more appropriate than others to strike with our equipment for being located in low regions which helps the chemical fumes to settle. We can also treat them with available ways (air force, tubular bombers, Samtiyyat (Helicopters) and at night

5. Our directorate suggested striking both targets, referred to in item 3, during this period using two thirds of available special equipment (Ricin) plus one third of available special equipment (Mustard Gas) and keeping the balance for emergency situations that might arise in the operation theater.

6. The top secret, personal and urgent letter No.953/965/k dated March 29, 87 from the President’s Office Secretary, stated the following:

“Approval of striking has been obtained provided the results are exploited . . . for the purpose is not only to inflict losses among the saboteurs, but also to coordinate with the Corps . . . please advice prior to striking”.

So you can definately see why the AP would instead focus on Saddam’s cries instead of the memo’s that prove he had chemical weapons, can’t you? And they wonder why the country no longer trusts the MSM.


Ray Robison found another interesting document:

The Arabic original shows the Falcon emblem of the Iraq Intelligence Service. A translation is provided if you scroll down. I highlight the key wording but there is more:

March 11, 2003

The al-Quds liberation army division supplied us with information….as follows.

1. The Iraqi government will distribute the same leaflets that the American forces are distributing but it will contain anthrax.

2. Iraq imports uniforms resembling American forces uniforms for the purpose of killing Iraqi citizens….

3. Dig trenches around Baghdad…oil…burning…cause mayhem

Now this letter is from al-Quds, a Jihad organization that supports the Palestinians. Saddam was the patriarch and Iraq officers worked closely with them.IZSP-2003-00000859 also talks about the al-Quds Basra division. This is a a letter from a paramilitary organization INSIDE Iraq and not from Palestinian territories. The al-Quds in Iraq are Palestinians who live in Iraq and also are involved in Palestinian activities. They fought for Saddam because Saddam supported them in Palestine. The officers were Iraqi.


Unless we see a translation that is different I think we have this:

Proof that Saddam had small amounts of anthrax.
Proof that Saddam would use non Iraqi terrorists to carry out a biological attack.

This is exactly the scenario that President Bush warned about, Saddam giving WMD to terrorists. This is the Mother of all Smoking Guns.


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