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Two friends of mine we’re shot today while conducting a traffic stop. They survived with no life threatening wounds, Omar’s elbow appears to be shattered and Adam had a through and through that exited out his ass cheek. Thankfully they are ok:

Two sheriff’s deputies and a suspected gunman were wounded Monday in a shootout in the Florence area of Los Angeles County.

Deputies Adam Kirste, 29, and Omar Miranda, 29, were taken to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood and treated for non-life-threatening wounds after the mid-morning shootout, Undersheriff Larry Waldie said.

The suspect, identified as Juan Carlos Campos, 33, was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, with four gunshot wounds, Waldie said. His wounds were not life-threatening, the Sheriff’s Department reported.

“Both deputies are fine,” Waldie said . “One deputy, Omar Miranda, was shot in the elbow and in the hand.

“Deputy Adam Kirste was shot in the leg and through the buttocks. Both arefine. They’re both in good spirits, so thank God everything’s good.”

The shooting occurred about 10:15 a.m. near Compton Avenue and 70th Street. Waldie said the deputies, both of whom have been with the department for seven or eight years, were making a traffic stop when a computer check showed the vehicle was somehow connected to a felony domestic violence case.

Waldie told reporters at a midday news conference that the suspect bolted from the deputies. One of the deputies tackled the suspect, who got up and fled again, firing a 9mm handgun, Waldie said.

“Obviously, the suspect shot first,” Waldie said. “When he turned and ran the second time, he turned on them (the deputies) while running and capped off his 9mm at the deputies, hitting both of them. These deputies responded in a remarkable manner, both being hit and both returned fire to the suspect.”

Waldie said that Campos was hit once in the arm and twice in the leg. He also had a “grazing wound” on the face.

Apparently the suspect is wounded much worse then the media is reporting. You can probably surmise which way I want this guy’s condition to go.

I am obviously off work today but have been getting dozens of phone calls updating the circ’s of the event and I will update as I get more information.


Most of the news accounts are not printing one statement from the Under Sheriff: (except this publication)

“Thank God it was a two-man car,” Waldie said. “If it hadn’t been a two-man car, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Every contract city that we patrol will usually only pay for one man car’s. Thankfully I work at a station that is a county area so we have two man cars, which is what Omar and Adam were in. Why ANY law enforcement agency allows one man cars is beyond me. Two sets of eyes and two guns will almost always be a much safer and more productive deal then the one man cars. Those one man cars save money, but at what expense.

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