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Day Two of the Document Release saga has come and gone and we’re into Day Three. The second day brought about exactly what most of us thought they would. Recall my Day One post said:

The left is probably going crazy trying to discredit the documents, and they will more then likely continue to do so for a loooong time since it will blow their belief system to pieces, namely the Bush lied People died.

And guess what? The lovely lefties in the MSM decided to provide a disclaimer (in bold) that was never provided on any of the lies and distortions they printed about Bushitler:

“Osama bin Laden and the Taliban”

Document dated Sept. 15, 2001

An Iraqi intelligence service document saying that their Afghan informant, who’s only identified by a number, told them that the Afghan consul Ahmed Dahastani claimed the following in front of him:

*That OBL and the Taliban are in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and bin Laden group members visited Iraq
*That the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and “bin Laden’s group” agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America.
*That in case the Taliban and bin Laden’s group turn out to be involved in “these destructive operations,” the U.S. may strike Iraq and Afghanistan.
*That the Afghan consul heard about the issue of Iraq’s relationship with “bin Laden’s group” while he was in Iran.

At the end, the writer recommends informing “the committee of intentions” about the above-mentioned items. The signature on the document is unclear.

(Editor’s Note: The controversial claim that Osama bin Laden was cooperating with Saddam Hussein is an ongoing matter of intense debate. While the assertions contained in this document clearly support the claim, the sourcing is questionable — i.e., an unnamed Afghan “informant” reporting on a conversation with another Afghan “consul.” The date of the document — four days after 9/11 — is worth noting but without further corroboration, this document is of limited evidentiary value.)

Limited evidentiary value…get that? Is this a smoking gun? Of course not. But this document, and many more to come will help buttress the fact that there was a link between AQ and Iraq.

There is just too much evidence to dismiss this link, I mean look at the fact that the Clinton Administration stated there was a definite link between OBL and Iraq when they indicted him.

In 1998, for example, when the Clinton Justice Department indicted bin Laden, the writ read: “In addition, al-Qaida reached an understanding with the Government of Iraq that al-Qaida would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al-Qaida would work cooperatively with the Government of Iraq.”

Did they just pull this out of their ass? I think not. Come on lefties, this is your hero, don’t you believe him?

The fact is that Saddam has a LONG history of aiding and abetting these type’s of groups:

The bipartisan consensus about this unholy alliance was not based on intriguing but unconfirmed rumors of meetings between Saddam’s intelligence agents and al-Qaida operatives such as Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.

Nor did the senators or the president ever claim that Saddam himself planned the Sept. 11 attacks. Instead the Justice Department, the Senate and two administrations were alarmed by terrorist groups like Ansar al-Islam, an al-Qaida affiliate that established bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.

More importantly still, one of the masterminds of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, Abdul Rahman Yasin, fled to Baghdad to find sanctuary with Saddam after the attack. And after the U.S.’s successful war against the Taliban, Abu Musab Zarqawi, the present murderous al-Qaida leader in Iraq, reportedly escaped from Afghanistan to gain a reprieve from Saddam.

We all know the left will continue to provide disclaimers and scream at the top of their lungs “LIES, ALL LIES!” because this will tear their world apart if true.

I could almost feel sorry for them, almost.

Check out Pajama Media for the newest translations of the documents.


Ray Robinson found an interesting tidbit:


bottom page 6.

MALE 2: It got cold in here.

MALE 6: Plasma systems in general are made of several things. They’re usually simple if it’s for research purposes. A simple and inexpensive system and can be made in any simple factory. We can do a simple research, and the system can change from a research system, if the research was good, and the requirements are available, turn into…

Male 2: they can let us know if they disagree, and if they do agree, which is better, they can also come to us so we can reach a clear plan. Thank you my brothers from the Military Industry for the valuable information that you provided, and at the same time we got to see you and get to know you.


These are military scientists talking about the transfer of technology to who? Well since it is the military, clearly the conversation went into a military application of plasma.

[…]This is 99.9% proof that Tierney was right and they were performing plasma experiments to go into weapons testing, most likely nuclear.

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