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Last Friday, the LA Times released a poll of their own: Poll Shows More Support for Illegal Immigrants.

It’s conclusion is that 47% of California residents think illegals are having a favorable impact on the State.

Interestingly enough, they decided to poll voters and nonvoters. Unsuprisingly, a strong difference in opinion arises:

About 36% of voters believe illegal immigrants have a favorable impact on the state, compared to 64% of nonvoters.

Hmmm……Could it possibly be that some of these “nonvoters” are…..illegal immigrants?

It’s only a wild guess here. But consider the following statements also in the article:

Poll Director Mark DiCamillo said Thursday’s poll results reflect the increasing population of noncitizens in the state.

And on the issue of handing out driver’s licenses to illegals:

But again, there are stark differences between those who are registered to vote and those who are not. Only 33% of voters support licenses, compared to 61% of nonvoters.

the article concludes with this:

The poll was based on a random telephone survey of 500 California adults conducted in both English and Spanish over a two-week period in February, according to the director. The sample included 337 registered voters and 163 who were not registered to vote. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

Color me suspicious, if I don’t believe in the validity of the polling.

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