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As most of you have heard by now the leftist teacher, Jay Bennish, will go back to indoctrinating the kids in the neighborhood come Monday:

Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish was reinstated Friday, clearing the way for his return to the classroom Monday with an unspecific set of directives and an admonishment to follow district policies on the teaching of controversial subjects.

Bennish, under fire for a Feb. 1 classroom lecture that included a comparison of President Bush to Adolf Hitler and other politically charged statements, will be watched closely by administrators, said Cherry Creek Schools Superintendent Monte Moses.

“Some think Mr. Bennish should be fired,” Moses said. “Others think he should be praised. In my judgment, the answer is neither. Jay Bennish has promise as a teacher, but his practice and deportment need growth and refinement. He’s been given this message and the directive to comply with district policies.”

[…]”I’m very excited to continue encouraging students to think critically, to encourage democratic values in our society, and to promote social justice, as I always attempted to do,” he said.

[…]Moses repeatedly declined to say whether Bennish violated the district’s policy on teaching controversial subjects. But he also said he would not rescind the district’s earlier conclusion that Bennish had done so, and he reiterated on a number of occasions that the district was taking steps to make sure the teacher followed policy.

“The district values the principles of free speech and academic freedom, but expects them to be applied within the context of district policy, professional ethics, and common sense,” Moses said. “As our policy states, ‘Like any freedom, academic freedom carries responsibilities. It is not a license for abuses. It may not serve as a cloak for indoctrination.’ ”

[…]He also said that Bennish’s “teaching style will perhaps be, as some would say, a little more fair and balanced.”

So what do you think? Will it be more fair and balanced? I would say that based on Bennish’s comments after the press conference the answer will be a definate NO:

Asked if he regretted comparing Bush to Hitler, Bennish smiled and said, “I think next time I would’ve said Mussolini. Maybe he wouldn’t have gotten me in so much trouble.”

Sounds like he has learned his lesson huh? Let the indoctrinations begin!

Either way, I never believed he would be fired. There are usually only a few things a teacher could get fired for:

  • Discussed Intelligent Design
  • Was caught with a bible in his desk drawer
  • Said they believe homosexuality is a sin

Kinda Like this teacher:

On the first day, a few students talked about supporting gay rights, and no one paid much attention.

On the second day, a school counselor talked about respecting each other, and no one paid much attention.

On the third day, a few students spoke against homosexuality and a teacher said it is ”wrong according to the Bible” — and people noticed very much.

That final segment of a Miami Sunset Senior High television project roiled the normally placid West Dade campus, drew sharp response from both students and teachers and has raised questions about the free exchange of ideas and religion in public schools.

[…]The segments began airing Feb. 28 following the normal morning announcements, which are broadcast throughout the school. Each features a minute or two of kid-in-the-hall interviews, compiled as a project by the televisionproduction class.

”I think homosexuality is a normal part of everyday life,” one unidentified student said in the first segment, a comment largely echoed by others.

The final portion, aired last Friday, includes anti-gay statements from four students and business technology teacher Donna Reddick.

The students’ statements were considered provocative at a school widely described as comfortable for its many openly gay students. One called homosexuality “unacceptable in the eyesight of God.”

Another read a Bible passage from 1 Corinthians, which — according to some translations — condemns homosexuals as ”unrighteous” and says they will not “inherit the Kingdom of God.”

Reddick said God ordered humanity to multiply, which she said is impossible for gay couples.

”God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sexual sins, which included homosexuality,” she said on the tape, a copy of which was obtained by The Miami Herald.

Reddick, 53, has worked for the district since 1973. Through principal Lucia Cox, she declined to comment.

District officials are reviewing numerous School Board policies on religious expression and free speech, but have not determined whether any rules were violated, according to spokesman Joseph Garcia.

The original assignment called for students to record interviews but did not specify the subject, which Cox said the students selected.

Cox said Reddick may have believed the video was only for an in-class project rather than a school-wide broadcast that reaches about 3,200 students and more than 200 staff.

She also said the students told Reddick the project was about ”the non-Christian view of homosexuality versus the Christian view of homosexuality,” but that was never explained on the tape.

Moreover, Reddick’s statement suggests she was giving her personal opinion, not an academic explanation: ”My perspective on homosexuality is that it is wrong according to the Bible,” she said on the tape.

Cox suggested Reddick’s statements, as well as the students’, might have violated School Board policy in two ways. ”We separate church and state,” she said. “We don’t discriminate against sexual preference.”

Cox has ”administratively discussed” the statement with Reddick, but would not say whether other action has been or will be taken.

Think the ACLU will come out and support her in her right to express her personal opinion?

I think the big question is why did he cut his hair?

Think it has anything to do that he would be required to give a hair sample for drug testing? Or just PR so he would not look like the hippie he is?
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