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Much more of the audio from our conference call with Congressman Weldon has been released. It’s in six parts, part 1 being the first link below of course: (thanks to the Able Danger Blog for the audio)

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Attending this conference call with Congressman Weldon were:

Lots of information packed into this call.

Rory O’Conner also has a the scoop on the Atta picture. It appears that during the DoD Inspector General investigation they uncovered the name of the person who obtained the Atta photograph:

Sources close to the ongoing Department of Defense investigation into the controversial Able Danger data mining intelligence program, which purportedly identified Mohammed Atta and three other 9/11 hijackers a year before the worst terror attacks in US history, say the mystery person who actually obtained a much-disputed photograph of Atta for the Able Danger team has now been identified.

Ever since the Pentagon-ordered destruction in 2000 of 2.5 terabytes of data unearthed by Able Danger ? allegedly including a chart featuring Atta?s photograph that revealed terrorist links and patterns when clicked on ? skeptics have long raised doubt about the very existence of the chart and the photograph in question.

It has now been confirmed that a female contract employee of defense contractor Orion Scientific, which provided personnel and proprietary software to the original Able Danger operation, has been identified as a result of investigation by the Pentagon?s own Inspector General.

Identification of the mystery woman lends more credence to claims by Able Danger members, such as team leader Captain Mark Phillpott, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, and Orion analyst J.D. Smith, among others, that the Able Danger program did in fact identify four 9/11 hijackers well before the attacks.

You will recall that many people poo-poo’d the fact that the photo even existed. Gonna be a bit harder to remain skeptical now that the DoD’s own investigation has uncovered the employee who obtained the picture.

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