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I don’t want you to miss this excellent post by AJStrata:

I knew it was coming. The anti-port forces have gone from veiled insults regarding a key ally in our efforts in the Middle East to open insults. Apparently still trying to convince Americans to toss out our besy qualities and ?fear the Aurabs? the anti-port voices are now endangering our foreign policy efforts.

The UAE is a critical ally watching our backs with regards to material being shipped here from ports they run overseas, to intelligence from the Middle East on possible AQ activities, to protecting our troops flowing in and out of the region.

The last one is the most important. If we stand by our troops, then our fears cannot become so obsessive we end up putting our troops at risk. We already ask them to risk everything to change the face of the Middle East. We cannot allow emotions to run rampant and sever our ties with an ally who is protecting our fighting men and women. The ally deserves better. The troops DEFINITELY deserve better.

We have been working quietly (the way it is done when doing something classified and clandestine) with The UAE ever since 9-11. That country immediately became our ally and stayed that way through our invasion of Iraq. Which is more than we can say for France, Belguim, Germany, NATO, Russia, Canada and Mexico.

Rick Moran, in some fit of irresponsible humor, has insulted The UAE by comparing them to murderous thugs who target children for suicide bombings:

In a continuing effort to prove that Americans are not anti-Arab Islamaphobes, the government has announced that day to day operations of the passenger rail carrier Amtrak will now be in the hands of a state owned company run by the Palestinian group Hamas.

The deal comes on the heels of an agreement to allow the state owned Dubai Ports World(DPW) to manage ports in the United States.

People in the Middle East are not thin skinned, but they do take honor seriously. Very seriously. And this kind of insult will not, and honestly should not, be dismissd by them or us. Rick seems upset people don?t want to share in his fear of all things Ayrab – so he presents us with a fantasy of where all this will lead. He does this deliberately and with the intention of associating a far better ally than those countries I mentioned above. And in doing so he insults our ally to the core of their being.

The UAE has done nothing to deserve this idiotic comparison. That is like comparing Americans who support the deal with Hamas supporters. Which Rick may also trying to be doing. I have been saddened by this fiasco because I could see so many people losing all self control. But this is not to be tolerated. Some people just are not cut out to deal with international issues and foreign policy.

People who cannot discern an ally after 5 years of impressive support on their part from our enemies because of some cultural connections just don?t have the vision and perception to deal with this subject. The blogosphere allows us all to show our strengths and weaknesses. Those insulting The UAE through insinuation, or in this case an outright slap at their humanity, are not helping our cause. But they sure are exposing their weaknesses. As I commented to Rick on his sight, he and the others should stop trying to screw up our foreign policy and national security anymore than they have done already.

National security is not a game. There are 150,000+ US troops in the region whose backs are being guarded by The UAE. While you have a right to speak, it is not always the case that you should speak. With our troops exposed and our reliance on The UAE to keep them safe, it is time the anti-port deal folks understand we heard you, we disagree with you, and you can stop trying to do all you can to destroy our relationship with our ally The UAE. An ally I am proud to have, as our many, many others.

Much more where that came from. As usual AJ is dead on with his analysis. This is just getting out of hand and is becoming a panic, a panic that is leading us down a dangerous road. This is all common sense people. The same people who work on those docks now will be working there after. The same Coast Guard and Border Control officials will be providing security. This is an investment deal on paper by a company that is running ports all over the world, don’t you think if they wanted to hit us they could have by now? I mean China, a Communist country, runs ports on the West Coast, where was the hysteria then?

The UAE is an important ally that should not be treated like this. We need all the allies we can find in that region and to throw it all out over some simple minded hysteria is just plain wrong!

Oldcrow made a great comment to the post:

A few points I would like to make. I have been in the Navy for 17 years and have been to the U.A.E. many many times. The Navy fully vetted DPW a long time ago because they run Jebel Ali the worlds largest manmade shipping port. All the supplies that go to U.S. Naval vessels and a large part of the supplies for the Army in Iraq come from either Jebel Ali or Fujiera U.A.E. also a huge amount of the cargo containers destined for the U.S. go thru Jebel Ali and we have Customs and HS inspectors there inspecting the containers that is why we did not have to investigate them as thurouly as others and may explain why it was considered no big deal by the CFIUS.

If a cargo container with a WMD makes it to say NY harbor it is already to late so the key to security is inspecting the containers before they get here. If we stop this deal does anyone honestly believe that the U.A.E. will continue to allow us to inspect cargo in their country? I know if I was the U.A.E. I would tell those U.S. inspectors to pack their bags and get out as well as the U.S. Navy. So all the hysteria and the threat from Congress to stop this deal will actually make us less secure.

Please people, get a grip!

The UAE is an important ally that should not be treated like this. We need all the allies we can find in that region and to throw it all out over some simple minded hysteria is just plain wrong!

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