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Oh….my…God! I was laughing so much in my car yesterday. I had to go into work at 4:30 pm, but hung in the car for as long as I could, as 2nd hour, Hugh Hewitt had an interview with the venerable old fossil, Helen Thomas. You could call it the comedy hour (the first hour with Lawrence O’Donnell could be characterized as much the same, too). I wrote Generalissimo last night, begging for an audio, and *presto*: It’s up at Radioblogger, along with transcript. Sometimes wishes do come true!

This interchange between Hugh and Helen is a good peek into the mind of not only an irrelevant old relic of a bygone journalistic era, but also of a moonbat journalistic elite, who fails to understand the nature of partisan journalism as it applies in the 21st century, where media bias is more clearly evident in contrast to the conservative outlets of blogs and talk radio.

A must listen. Go listen now, and report back here! More on Lawrence O’Donnell from Hugh: Here and here.

(Picture of Helen is just for you, Gayle!).

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