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Just got home from work and have decided to live blog the big speech.

1803hrs – Just heard that Cindy Sheehan has been led out of the chambers in handcuffs……AWESOME!

1807hrs – President introduced and walking down the aisle.

1815hrs – “We seek the end to tyranny in our world” “Democracy’s replace resentment with hope”…..nice!

1818hrs – “The terrorists hope these horror’s will break our world, allowing the violent to inherit the earth. But they have miscalculated, we love our freedom and we will fight to keep it!”

1821hrs – “There is no peace in retreat, and there is no honor in retreat”

1822hrs – “We will never surrender to evil!”

1824hrs – “The road of victory is the road that will take our troops home.”

1825hrs – “Yet there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success and defeatism that refuses to acknowledge anything but failure”

1828hrs – What a great speech so far and a great delivery….need more of this in 2006

1830hrs – He mentions Marine Sgt Clay who was killed last month. He then read a passage from a letter written by this hero. Introduces his family who gets a loud and long applause.

1835hrs – Calls for the nations of the world to not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.

1838hrs – “If there are people inside the United States talking to Al-Qaeda we want to know about it. We will not sit back and wait to get hit again”…..great passage.

1841hrs – ARGH! Our economy couldn’t survive without illegal immigrants…..ARGH

1847hrs – Shameful display put on by the left when Bush mentioned that Congress had failed to work on his Social Security reform measures…they all got up and cheered. Disgusting.

1851hrs – Announced some great initiatives to break our “addiction to oil”….allowing the drilling of oil in Alaska and the building of nuclear power plants might help our “dependence on middle eastern oil”….just a thought.

1906hrs – An awesome end to the speech….can’t wait to get the transcript of the last few paragraphs. He mentions Lincoln and MLK…”today having come far in our own historical journey, we must decide…will we turn back or finish well. Before history is written down in books, it is written in courage. Like Americans before us we will show that courage and finish well”

“And so we move forward, optimistic about our country, faithful in it’s cause and confident in the victories to come!

After having some time to reflect on the speech I would give it a 7 out of 10.? He delivered it fairly well, but the programs he is proposing for energy seem to me to be just more spend, spend, and spend more.? There is plenty of oil on this continent if they would allow us to dig it up.? How about reactors?? Why are none being built?

As usual the parts about national security, the spread of Democracy, and defeating tyranny were excellent.? Another strong part of the speech was his opposition to cloning and the sell of embryos.

Overall it was a speech about moving forward, attacking the challenges ahead with American spirit and to stay committed to the spread of Democracy.

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