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I gotta tell ya, the Democratic spectacle being put on by the left over the last few weeks has been amusing. The lengths they have gone too just to appease the ultra left wackjobs should ruin any chances of ANY success in November. They have smeared and campaigned against an obvious excellent choice for SCOTUS for no other reason then to bow down to Code Pink, ANSWER, and their cohorts. Foolishly believing this will get them anywhere in November.

Now one of the last holdouts on an up or down vote for Alito has signalled he isn’t going down with the Titanic: (h/t The Strata-Sphere)

Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee, under pressure as one of the last senators undecided on Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s fitness for the Supreme Court, has committed himself to help fellow Republicans break a last-ditch Democratic filibuster of the nomination.

But with the conservative Alito likely to be seated on the high court as soon as Tuesday, Chafee’s stance has drawn attacks from his opponents in both parties, underlining the incumbent’s dilemma on difficult Senate votes in this election year.

[…]Republican challenger Stephen P. Laffey said, “The sad thing is, Mr. Chafee has made himself irrelevant to the process.” Chafee is still on the fence as the nomination moves toward a full Senate vote, so Republicans “have got enough votes to confirm with him, and they’ve got enough votes to confirm without him,” said Laffey, the mayor of Cranston. “What specific information is he waiting for?”

[…]A Senate vote to shut off the filibuster is set for Monday, with the vote on Alito’s confirmation slated for Tuesday. Chafee has long signaled his worry that a filibuster against Alito would gridlock the Senate. Hourahan reaffirmed Thursday that the senator would join fellow Republicans in voting to shut off debate. Yesterday leaders of both parties said the Republicans would get more than the 60 votes needed to do so.

Chafee plans to announce his position on Alito’s nomination Monday.

Either way his decision means squat to confirmation. It still remains to be seen whether he wants to sink with the Kerry’s, Deans, & Pelosi’s of the party.

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