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Another killer is going to bite the dust on Tuesday, wonder when Jesse Jackson will be on the tube denouncing the execution?

BEFORE YOU ASK, I’ll answer your questions:

Why not sentence convicted murderers to life without parole, so that they’ll be locked up where they can’t hurt anyone else?

Clarence Ray Allen, who is scheduled for execution at San Quentin State Prison on Tuesday, is living proof that a convicted killer can snuff out the lives of innocent people from behind bars. In 1977, Allen began serving a life sentence for the murder of his son’s 17-year-old girlfriend — her punishment for confessing to a victim robbed by the Allen gang. Allen then concocted a scheme he thought would set him free — file an appeal, kill the witnesses, then walk after a re-trial with no witnesses to testify against him.

Toward that end, Allen provided fellow inmate Billy Ray Hamilton with a list of eight names of witnesses before Hamilton was paroled. In 1980, Hamilton murdered Bryon Schletewitz, 27, an Allen witness, along with two innocent teenagers (Josephine Rocha and Douglas White) who worked at the Schletewitz family store, which the Allen gang had robbed. Authorities later found the list of Allen witnesses and letters Allen sent to a son about his plan.

Juries sentenced Allen and Hamilton to death, and issued life sentences for two accomplices. “Given the nature of Allen’s crimes,” U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw wrote in a ruling that denied an Allen appeal, “sentencing him to another life term would achieve none of the traditional purposes underlying punishment: incapacitation, deterrence, retribution or rehabilitation.”

Why bother executing a frail old man?

Allen is an old man today because he was no kid — he was 50 — when he ordered the murder of eight witnesses. Then he gamed the legal system so successfully that he bought himself more than two decades on Death Row. Now he’s using his cynical use of the system as a reason to put off the execution.

What if he’s innocent?

It doesn’t help Allen supporters that this week DNA tests conducted to exonerate rapist/murderer Roger K. Coleman of Virginia — who proclaimed “An innocent man is being murdered tonight” before his execution 13 years ago — proved that Coleman was indeed guilty.

The critics of the execution say he is just too old to die but my answer would be that his victims were too young to die. 3 teenagers and 1 27 year old.

The writer also touches on the fact that Capitol Punishment critics say that innocent people have been executed, because…well, the suspect said so. Tookie proclaimed his innoncense all the way through, as did Roger Keith Coleman. He was convicted of raping his sister in law and then cutting her throat. On the electric chair he stated:

“An innocent man is going to be murdered tonight. When my innocence is proven, I hope America will realize the injustice of the death penalty as all other civilized countries have.”

Time even featured him on their cover:

But of course, after many years of the liberal dummies yelling for more DNA tests to be done, they re-tested the DNA.
It showed he was indeed guilty.

Of course this news was just a blip on the MSM radar.? It came and went with stunning speed.? The fact that these dummies continue to believe the scum of the earth over the evidence tells volumes about the character of the left.

My question is why isn’t the Mike Farrell’s and the Jesse Jackson’s out in force for this execution?? I think we all know the answer on that one.

The critics of the execution say he is just too old to die but my answer would be that his victims were too young to die. 3 teenagers and 1 27 year old.

Still, I find it odd how the the Mike Farrell’s and the Jesse Jackson’s aren’t out in force, dont you? Laugh.

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