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Check out the new trailer for the upcoming movie about Flight 93:

The trailer isn’t much but still worth watching.? I’m curious about this director and his intentions tho.? Is he just another liberal hollywood jackass wanting to make a statement or will he tell the story as it REALLY happened unlike the recent “Munich”.? Here is a recent message from the director to the film’s message board:

19 Dec 2005

Several people have asked what research was carried out and what my motivations were for making the film.

Our film is about 9/11 ? in the air and on the ground.

We have set out to tell the story of 9/11 and Flight 93 based on evidence. The single best source is the 9/11 Commission Report (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States, July 22nd 2004) which had access to all documents held by the government including the White House. They carried out interviews, some under oath, with all those involved on that day including government officials. They held public hearings and reviewed all flight data, recordings and taped phone calls.

All this information is summarized in the report.

Recently other documents have been declassified and released which give more detailed information on the four flights. Especially relevant is the staff report ?We have some planes?: The Four Flights ? a Chronology (released on August 21st 2004) and the twelfth public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (held on June 16th and 17th 2004).

Please see our website links page for details of where to find these.

In addition to studying the 9/11 materials we have interviewed the families of the passengers and crew on board, all of whom have given this film their support. We have also interviewed all the main civilian and military officials who dealt with Flight 93 on the ground.

From all this we can draw up a clear picture of what happened as Flight 93 made its fateful journey. Of course we cannot know every precise detail of what occurred. However from the Cockpit Voice Recorder, the phone calls and the evidence from the other three planes that shed light on the terrorist?s tactics we can build up a reasonable picture. But in the end of course no-one can know for sure.

But I believe that by using 44 actors ? each bringing their abilities and instincts to bear – we will be able to make believable the things we cannot know. It is something I have done before ? also on the theme of terrorism, its causes and effects ? in Bloody Sunday.

So what is the point of making this film? Firstly and most importantly to tell the story of what actually happened on 9/11 in as simple and unvarnished way as possible. Especially important as Hollywood begins to engage with 9/11. Secondly it?s about the debate that took place on the plane. The dilemma the passengers faced on Flight 93 is the same question we have been facing ever since. Do we hope this all turns out okay, or do we fight back? Do we strike at them before they strike at us? And what will be the consequences if we do? And finally it?s about exploring the reality of 9/11 which is that we went to war that day and everything that has happened since ? the ?War on Terror?, Afghanistan, Iraq – is a consequence of that. To me these truths are more disturbing than any conspiracy theory.

I also wanted to tackle one specific question that some people have raised. I believe there is definitive evidence to prove that Flight American 77 did hit the Pentagon. The evidence includes irrefutable radar data of the aircraft that depicts its flight path impacting the Pentagon, eyewitness reports of the plane circling Washington D.C. once to better ?line up? its intended target, eyewitness reports of the plane just prior to ? and upon ? impact, on-site aircraft debris consistent with a commercial airliner and the plane?s Flight Data Recorder and on site residual jet fuel. Finally, remains were found at the scene which were DNA linked to Flight 77 passengers.


Posted by: Paul Greengrass

It does sound like he want’s to tell the REAL story about these heroes and not make it a “those poor widdle terrorists had a reason to kill innocent people” type of movie, cough Munich cough.? The part about his statement that worries me is that line about depicting the causes of terrorism.

I will be one pissed off Mo-Fo if he ruins this movie.? These 40 heroes are the first casualities in our War on Terror and they should be honored as such.

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