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Very funny article written by Richard Cohen today about the always smug, always pompous dummy Mr. Joe Biden:

The only thing standing between Joe Biden and the presidency is his mouth. That, though, is no small matter.

[…]The reviews for Biden’s first crack at Samuel Alito, the humorless Supreme Court nominee, were murderous. The New York Times had Biden out on Page One — normally a position to kill for — only this time it was not a paean to his considerable merits, but an account of how it took him nearly three minutes of throat-clearing to ask his first question and then took the rest of his allocated 30 minutes just to get in another four. He concluded with about half a minute still left to him — something of a personal best that even he had to acknowledge.

“I want to note that for maybe the first time in history, Biden is 40 seconds under his time,” he told Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, no clipped speaker himself.

[…]The tragedy is that Biden, who is running for president, is a much better man and senator than these accounts would suggest. But his tendency, his compulsion, his manic-obsessive running of the mouth has become the functional equivalent of womanizing or some other character weakness that disqualifies a man for the presidency. It is his version of corruption, of alcoholism, of a fierce temper or vile views — all the sorts of things that have crippled candidates in the past. It is, though, an innocent thing, as good-humored as the man and of no real policy consequence. It will merely stunt him politically.

[…]The seniority that makes Biden so knowledgeable on foreign policy — a conversation with him is always instructive — is what also cripples. He has been in the Senate since 1973 and suffers, as nearly all senators do sooner or later, from the conviction that he and his colleagues are the center of the world. After all, no one — with the possible exception of family members — ever tells a senator to shut up. They are surrounded by fawning staff and generally treated as minor deities. They lose perspective, which is why, now that you’ve asked, they talk and talk at these hearings. They are convinced the world is watching. Actually, it’s only a half a dozen shut-ins on C-SPAN — and, of course, the nearly catatonic press corps. Everyone else is playing computer solitaire.

Biden ran for president once before — and then, too, his mouth went off on its own. (In 1988, his stump speech was perilously similar to the one used by Neil Kinnock, Britain’s Labor Party leader.) This time seems no different, except the loss is greater. Foreign policy, Biden’s specialty, is the No. 1 issue. He has much to say — and then much too much to add. He is an anatomical disaster. His Achilles heel is his mouth.

Of course Cohen gives this man waaaayyyy too much credit, he is not that good of a person and he is especially bad as a Senator.? But overall the article gave me a chuckle.?

The truth is that John Kerry notwithstanding, there isn’t a person in the Senate who is less qualified to be President then this?plagiarist?and empty suit of a man.

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