Posted by Curt on 10 January, 2006 at 9:30 pm. Be the first to comment!


Here are a few blog posts I found today that I highly recommend reading:

Ace Of Trump – The Ongoing Jihad Against Oakland Liquor Stores

Bookworm Room – Describing the latest in Tookie madness

California Conservative – The Forgotten Illegals

Cox and Forkum – Appeasing Iran

Dangerous Dan – More leftist nightmares

Hugh Hewitt – Joe Biden the Sexist

Macsmind – The NSA traitor exposes himself

Mike’s America – A new Ronald Reagan book from an unlikely source

Postwatch – Competent reporting about Stem Cell research?

Redstate – Kennedy then and now

Protein Wisdom – Syria wants the US defeated! Gasp!

Sister Toldjah – Trouble with a troll

The Counterterrorism Blog – Trouble In Bolovia

The Dead Pelican – Recalling Gov. Blanco

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