Posted by Curt on 29 December, 2005 at 12:46 pm. 2 comments already!

Anyone with just a little common sense understands that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s at one time and wanted more WMD’s badly. Take a look at this picture from California Conservative:

That’s a picture of Amy Proctor’s husband while in Iraq. It was taken in Saddam’s central Baghdad palace. Take a good look at it while Amy explains what we are seeing:

When I got inside I was appalled by the opulence within – marbled columns, floors, gold gilded molding, exquisitely crafted decorations everywhere, ornate doorways, halls, etc? it literally was a king?s palace. Then, in the main or ?great? room, I noticed the domed ceiling adorned with a painting of the prophet Mohammed ascending into heaven on a white horse.

The focal point of the room was a gigantic golden throne – I don?t know what else to call it – with a mural behind it depicting intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) flying through the heavens. Each missile had the Iraqi flag painted on it. Now, this mural was at least 20 feet wide x 20 feet tall! It was huge! So, picture this: Saddam sitting on his palace throne with a giant mural behind him depicting ICBMs surging toward his enemies while he reigned over the greater middle east – Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, maybe Saudi Arabia. Scary, no?

?The story I?m telling is real. I was there. I saw it. The ONLY sensible conclusion anyone could come to is that Saddam?s delusions of grandeur most certainly centered around his vision of a nuclear Iraq. I?m sure that he never intended any westerners to see his inner sanctum, his throne, and his glorious mural hailing Iraq?s nuclear, intercontinental reach. But there it was.

Imagine that scumbag sitting on that gold throne with a painting of Nuclear missiles lifting off behind him. Do you need anything more to show you his obsession with making Iraq a nuclear nation?