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So Time Magazine put up their list of 15 who’s 15 minutes of fame are up:

JENNIFER WILBANKS Runaway bride must repay the city–but did she keep the Crock-Pot?

DAISY WRIGHT The nanny broke up Jude Law and Sienna Miller, at least for now. Her real impact? More jobs for matronly baby sitters

NICK LACHEY Post-split, Mr. Jessica Simpson may get the Land Rover. But probably not the attention

ASHLEY SMITH The well-prepared Georgia hostage got free by offering Christian literature to her captor–oh, and crystal meth

EDWARD MOSS: Upside of looking like Michael Jackson: got to play him on E! Downside: see upside

KATIE BROWNELL: The Little Leaguer pitched a perfect game, and boys wished they could throw like a girl

THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS Ever wonder what we’d do without females in fishnets who sing pop hits like Don’t Cha? No, neither do we

DANICA PATRICK: Cute–as–Hot Wheels race-car driver revved up as first woman to lead the Indy 500

COREY CLARK The former American Idol contestant claimed he romanced judge Paula Abdul. The graver offense was his music

TARA REID Fading starlet lost her girls-gone-wild travel show, Taradise. Could Paris Hilton go next?

JOHN O’HURLEY Character actor cha-cha-chaed his way to B-level celebrity on Dancing with the Stars

W. MARK FELT As the mysterious Deep Throat, he was endlessly fascinating. Revealed in his twilight years as a former FBI official? Less so

MIREILLE GUILIANO: French Women Don’t Get Fat author made buttery croissants tr?s O.K.

MICHAEL BROWN The former FEMA head not only fumbled the Katrina evacuation but also fluffed up his r?sum?

PENGUINS Film about their habits made $111 million. Finally, cute stars with some staying power!

But who else did they miss?

I’ll start the ball rolling here:

Cindy Sheehan – The attention whore who used her Son’s memory for her own self gratification.

Cindy Sheehan – The attention whore who used her Son’s memory for her own self gratification.

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