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Ok folks, now THIS is a rant. And a rant that needed saying: (via My Vast RightWing Conspiracy)

This latest outrage with the fucking New Qaeda York Times exposing classified information, and the paranoid idiots that love stories like this for their own selfish reasons?I?m furious. First, they complain that the pre-911 intelligence was faulty (which it WAS) or that the Bush administration (and curiously, only the Bush administration) ignored the ?obvious? signs of a potential attack. The 9/11 Commission CRITICIZED the NSA for not conducting surveillance, for Chrissakes! Then, when something is done to plug the holes?The Patriot Act, the NSA?s watching people with known links to al Qaeda and related terrorist organizations, etc., then these same ENEMIES OF THE STATE scream bloody murder.

Newsflash: This isn?t some benign issue, people. This is AMERICAN LIVES we?re talking about. You haven?t noticed that there?s not been another ?successful? 9/11-style attack since then? Or do you actually think the terrorists haven?t tried? Are you that dishonest and stupid? Are you also a terrorist or sympathizer yourself? Are you some kind of innocent yet paranoid psychotic who thinks The Government Is Coming For You?? Don?t you think The Government? has more important things to do? You?re an idiot! Or are you just the typical idiotarian who opposes ANYTHING the Bush administration does?or worse, anything any government does in the interest of national security?

You filthy RINOs?McCain, Hagel, Murkowski, Sununu, Specter?and all you other RINOs who jump ship at the moment you think you might be criticized by the leftard press?I?ve got your number. We all do.

YES to extending the Patriot Act.
YES to surveillance on those with known ties to terror.
NO to leaking classified information.
NO to the ?Al-Qaeda Bill of Rights.?
NO to the weak-kneed Republicans in the Senate who ?fear the media more than their local constituents. Or fear the national media might make them look foolish in front of their local constituents.?

I?m not sure I even have words to describe my utter frustration with the interferences thrown in to every single fucking thing we have to fight this war on Islamofascism?whether it?s the media disguising opinion as ?news,? the lies they and idiotarian BLOGGERS spread, the ridiculously overblown hysteria over interrogation methods, the insane paranoia over the USA Patriot Act, the exposure of REAL classified information, the spreading and feeding of terrorist propaganda, the batshit fucking crazy ?anti-war? (NOT) lunatics (yes, I do mean ?batshit crazy lunatics;? you people ARE out of your minds and obviously immune to history and logic), and the disgusting disloyal political opposition led by the likes of Ted ?Chappie? Kennedy* and John F?n Kerry and Al-Q Gore and other losers with an axe to grind?no matter the human cost.

Holy batman, does Beth hit the nail on the head or what?

This latest leak is just plain incredible, and with today’s announcement by one of the king punks in the Senate, Harry Reid, that yeah “I was briefed” but it’s still Bush’s fault, only a fool would not be able to see the politic’s being played here.

Reid acknowledged that he was briefed by the administration about the surveillance program “a couple of months ago.” But he said the program apparently has been going on for four years and “there’s no way the president can pass the buck.”

Where in the flying fuck is the cry for the leakers head from the left now?

While Republicans are busy defending America from Terrorists, the Democrats are busy defending Terrorists from America. As far as I’m concerned Reid and his cronies are allies of the Terrorists. It makes me sick.

Where was the left when Clinton was authorizing the surveillence of people like of a US Cardinal?

Through the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch secured a series of damning Justice Department documents. These revealed that VAAPCON (Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy) had been used to spy on at least 900 groups and individuals. Among those targeted were Roman Catholic Cardinal John O’Connor of New York, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Feminists for Life, the National Rifle Association and the U.S. Bishops’ Conference of the Roman Catholic Church. Many of these targets were explicitly Christian and openly opposed to anti-abortion violence.

To put VAAPCON in perspective, imagine the Bush administration targeting the Sierra Club, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Al Gore to deal with the issue of the Unabomber or environmentalist violence in general. Then imagine this being done while al-Qaida was actively plotting to destroy America.

“What in the world,” asked Judicial Watch’s general counsel at the time, Larry Klayman, “are Janet Reno, Hillary, Bill and their VAAPCON task force doing using law-enforcement personnel to infiltrate, collect and assemble database information of this type?”

There were many in the FBI as well who did not consider this either a valid or practical use of federal power. They did not object to the inclusion of suspected criminals in the investigation, but rather, as one senior FBI agent told the Washington Times magazine, Insight, “It was the collection of political and personal information on people such as the cardinal that many of us found objectionable.” As the agent added, “This is obviously political in nature and something we work hard to avoid.”

[…]Even more problematic is that this investigation, unlike the post 9-11 NSA effort, was directed almost exclusively at the president’s political enemies.

Didn’t seem to hear any screaming from the left about that kind of domestic spying. How about when Clinton allowed the interception of ALL domestic emails?

The Clinton administration announced July 17 that it would seek broad powers to compel Internet Service Providers to allow FBI monitoring of email messages, using a powerful software package devised by the police agency and given the ominous title of ?Carnivore.?

In its familiar style, the White House is packaging this reactionary plan as a ?reform,? presenting an expansion of wiretapping as an effort to set limits on the FBI and insure civil liberties. Chief of Staff John D. Podesta, in a speech to the National Press Club, declared, ?It’s time to update and harmonize our existing laws to give all forms of technology the same legislative protections as our telephone conversations.?

Conflicting laws currently regulate police surveillance and interception of various modes of private communication in the United States. For example, telephone calls may only be wiretapped by the police with a court order, while there is no legal restriction on the interception of ordinary email. Communications routed over cable modems are effectively immune from interception, since police are required to obtain a court order after a judicial process in which the target of the surveillance has the right to challenge it.

These contradictions are a byproduct of the rapid development of communications technology. Email messages have little legal protection because until recently it was technologically impractical for the FBI to monitor them systematically. Carnivore was only developed in the last 18 months, as a modification of a software program typically used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) known as a ?packet sniffer.? It sorts through the stream of data entering an ISP to find the senders and recipients of email to and from the target of surveillance.

Because Carnivore examines every email message handled through a given ISP, it closely resembles a form of telephone surveillance called a ?trunk side? wiretap, in which the tap is placed, not on a particular phone, but in a telephone company switching center. Such wiretaps have been illegal in the United States for more than 30 years, since they give police access to all phone calls rather than those of a specific target. Under the Clinton administration plan, the email equivalent of such illegal wiretaps would now be permissible.

Where was the cry for impeachment then? How about the roving wiretaps authorized by Clinton?

As President Clinton proposes massive funding increases for counterterrorism, federal law enforcement agencies have already received substantial new legal authority to fight suspected terrorists with “roving” wiretaps and secret court orders for tracing telephone calls and obtaining business records.

The expanded powers, high on the FBI’s legislative wish list for years, were passed by Congress last fall as part of the intelligence authorization act. Michael Woods, chief of the FBI’s national security law unit, said this week that “any one of these extremely valuable tools could be the keystone of a successful operation” against sophisticated foreign terrorists and intelligence operatives.

But the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other privacy rights activists oppose the expanded law enforcement powers as unwarranted attacks on the Fourth Amendment, which bars unreasonable searches and seizures, and say the changes were enacted by an intelligence conference committee without public hearings and almost no debate.

Still no cries for impeachment. As Baynative said, LET’S PROBE IT!


Let’s probe why the CIA doesn’t mind a “covert agent” divulging her identity to a casual sex partner.

Let’s probe why sworn members of congress can travel to Baghdad to stand in solidarity with Saddam as we are moving our troops to engage him.

Let’s probe why a US Senator would travel to Syria, Iran, Lybia, Yemen and Qatar to warn than the the Iraq invasion was eminent.

Let’s probe why a defense department contractor was allowed to sell missle guidance technology to China and why it is now being transferred to Iran.

Let’s probe why the 9/11 commission omitted valuable information and excluded key witnesses to issue a false report of our defense administration prior to the NYC attacks.

Let’s probe why the Fitzgerald grand jury never interviewed key witnesses such as Plame herself, her husband or the reporters involved.

Let’s probe why US Senators on the intelligence committee leak top secret information to the media when they want to try to damage our President and our defense capabilities.

Let’s probe who ordered the Sandy Berger shredding mission.

Let’s probe who tried to squelch the Able Danger team.

Let’s probe every single page of the BARRETT REPORT.


While Republicans are busy defending America from Terrorists, the Democrats are busy defending Terrorists from America. It makes me sick.

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