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As I stated in my earlier post, the timing of the NYT article detailing the wiretaps on American citizens is suspect. Now it appears that the article came from a reporter’s upcoming book and they have had the manuscript in their hands for 3 months. But they wait to write an article about it on the eve of Iraqi elections and the renewel of the Patriot Act? Come on man, we arn’t that stupid:

The New York Times is under fire for not disclosing that a front-page story on domestic spying by the National Security Agency was excerpted from a future book by the reporter.

Media watchdogs questioned the timing of the article about the NSA’s warrantless eavesdropping on suspected terrorists in the U.S. The Times said it held James Risen’s story a year over White House fears of endangering ongoing probes.

But what it didn’t write in yesterday’s article or in a follow-up statement by editor Bill Keller was that Risen had written a book scheduled to hit stores in January.

Internet columnist Matt Drudge noted that Risen turned in the manuscript for “State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush administration” three months ago.

Free Press confirmed plans to publish a book by Risen in January.

The NY Times makes Al Jazeera appear credible. Maybe that is the reason there stocks have taken a dive:

The NY Times makes Al Jazeera appear credible.

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