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It’s been 10 days of rioting and I have yet to comment on it, guess that will be changing tonight.

Most of you know the sequence of events so far.

Oct 28th:

Clichy-sous-Bois, France – Dozens of youths went on a rampage, burning vehicles and vandalising buildings in a tough Paris suburb on Friday in an act of rage following the death by electrocution of two teenagers trying to flee police.

Twenty-three cars were gutted by fire and the windows of a shopping centre were smashed in the riot in Clichy-sous-Bois, which finally ended before dawn. No arrests were made and there were no reports of injuries.

According to police, the violence erupted after two boys, aged 14 and 16, died when they scaled a wall of an electrical relay station and fell against a transformer.

The two had been trying to escape from police responding to the attempted robbery of a nearby work site, officers said. A third boy who had also jumped the wall was seriously hurt.

Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy said the three had not been “physically pursued” by the police.

He added that measures should be taken to counter such urban violence, and said he aimed to equip police cars with cameras and officers with “non-lethal weapons.” – Sapa-AFP

So a couple kids running from the police get themselves killed and now they want to riot and tear everything in the area THEY LIVE IN apart. Sounds smart. Just look how well South Central Los Angeles has done since their riots…turned everything around there. Sigh.

Oct 29th

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France, (AFP) – A Paris suburb suffered a third night of arson and arrests sparked by the electrocution deaths of two teenagers, police said.

The violence on Saturday night was significantly less than on the two preceding nights, police added, but 13 youths were arrested and 20 cars torched.

Earlier Saturday an atmosphere of quiet rage hung over a peaceful procession of 500 people paying homage to the teenagers whose deaths sparked the rioting in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

“Let us show that despite our grief and our anger we know how to stay dignified,” said the Socialist mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, Claude Dilain, outside the town hall before the march led by the dead boys’ families began at around 10:00 am amid a very light police presence.

I guess they didn’t listen to the Socialist mayor of Clinch-my-Balls.

Oct 30th

I love this, the fault for the riots are due to the “tough” anti-crime laws put in place recently. Guess this will teach the frogs.

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France : Tough new French anti-crime policies are partly to blame for riots that gripped a Paris suburb at the weekend, after the accidental deaths of two teenagers who thought they were under police chase, the opposition and rights campaigners said.

Later on the 30th

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France (AFP) – Police clashed with angry youths in a Paris suburb for the fourth straight night, police sources said, with accusations over the use of teargas in a mosque set to exacerbate the situation further.

Six police officers were slightly injured after being hit by projectiles, the sources said.

Eleven people were arrested after the violence in which eight cars and 16 rubbish bins were torched, departmental security spokesman Jean-Luc Sidot said.

Damn those froggy police, to think they would use teargas against rioting people…the tyranny!

Oct 31st

BOBIGNY, France — French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy defended his tough anti-crime policies yesterday after a fourth night of riots in a Paris suburb, in which tear gas was fired into a mosque during evening prayers.

Mr. Sarkozy vowed to investigate the tear-gas incident and repeated his “zero tolerance” policy toward violence that began when two teenagers were fatally shocked after clambering into a power substation while apparently fleeing from police.

The level of violence yesterday was lower than on the previous four nights, with police firing tear gas canisters and rioters hurling Molotov cocktails at a police station in the suburb, Clichy-sous-Bois.

Twelve arrests were made in the northeastern town, the local authorities said.

Overnight Sunday, youths there threw rocks and set fire to cars, where many immigrants and poor families live in high-rise housing notorious for youth violence.

Glad to hear the violence was lower on the fifth day, only a few molotov cocktails thrown at the police…nothing to see here.

Nov 1st

PARIS (Reuters) – Dozens of vehicles were set ablaze in a sixth night of rioting in poor Paris suburbs, officials said on Wednesday, as youth unrest caused mounting strains within France’s conservative government.

A heavy police presence kept a tense order in Clichy-sous-Bois, where the clashes broke out last week after two teenagers of African origin were electrocuted while apparently fleeing the police.

But the street fighting spread to other parts of the poor suburbs ringing the eastern side of the capital, police said. A total of 34 people were detained by police overnight, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy told Europe 1 radio.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin urged a return to calm on Tuesday evening after meeting families of the two youths along with Sarkozy, his main political rival now under heavy fire for his tough line against the rioters.

Squabbling broke out within Villepin’s government when Equal Opportunities Minister Azouz Begag openly criticized Sarkozy for calling the protesting youths “scum”.

“I talk with real words,” Sarkozy fired back in an interview in the daily Le Parisien. “When someone shoots at policemen, he’s not just a ‘youth’, he’s a lout, full stop.”

And there you go, the PM meets with the families of the criminals and then the Government gets pissed at the mayor for calling scumbags, scum. I wonder why this could be happening in France?

Nov 2nd

PARIS (AFP) – Violence broke out in impoverished Paris suburbs for the seventh straight night, with rioters clashing with police and leaving a trail of torched cars and vandalised premises.

In Aulnay-sous-Bois in the worst-affected area of Seine-Saint-Denis, a police station was briefly besieged by gangs of youths while a gymnasium and a garage were set ablaze and a commercial centre vandalised, a fire service spokesman said.

A total of 40 vehicles, including two buses, were torched before midnight in nine towns in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, a high-unemployment largely-immigrant department, according to local police who made 15 arrests.

Two primary schools were also damaged in the area northeast of the French capital.

Elsewhere a France 2 TV crew were forced by hooded youths to abandon their car, which was then set ablaze by 40 rioters.

Those kids attacking a police station are just misunderstood, they want more Socialism and they want it NOW!

Increasingly observers are pointing to France’s failure to address deep problems of poverty and immigration.

The violence has so shaken authorities that President Jacques Chirac came forward on Wednesday to call for calm and vowed to investigate the teens’ deaths.

“Tempers must calm down,” a spokesman quoted him as telling his cabinet.

Chirac warned that “an escalation of disrespectful behaviour would lead to a dangerous situation” and asserted that “there can be no area existing outside the law” in France.

Too funny, Chirac talking about the law.

Nov 3rd

PARIS — Rioters fired at police, stoned commuter trains, and torched a school, shops, and hundreds of vehicles in tough immigrant suburbs yesterday, spurring authorities to deploy 1,000 riot police on an eighth night of street violence.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin held emergency meetings aimed at avoiding a crisis that the French have feared for years: large-scale disturbances in restive slums where youths of African and Arab descent feel rage against society.

”Order and justice will be the final word in our country,” said Villepin, who met with Cabinet ministers and mayors from affected communities. ”The return to calm and the restoration of public order are the priority, our absolute priority.”

But after dusk fell yesterday, new outbreaks took place in half a dozen communities in the heavily industrial, immigrant-dominated area north and northeast of Paris. Five police officers were injured by projectiles, and cars and buses were torched and vandalized, authorities reported.

The violence seemed less intense than in the previous night, when hundreds of young men rampaged in 20 working-class communities that are a few miles north of the Paris city limits, but a world away from the capital’s glittering buildings and tourist attractions.

Police made more than 41 arrests early yesterday morning and last night; four officers and two firefighters were injured in the fighting. Shots were fired at police in four separate locations late Wednesday and early yesterday, but no one was hit, authorities said. Traffic was interrupted on a commuter rail line to Charles de Gaulle International Airport northeast of the city early yesterday after rioters hurled rocks at two trains.

This report also included this curious fact:

On the day the teenagers died, police in nearby Epinay arrested three men who allegedly beat a visiting photographer to death. The man worked for a lighting company and had stopped his car at a housing project to take pictures of light fixtures when he was assaulted in front of his family, police said.

Nov 4th

France’s wave of riots spread to new towns and entered a ninth day yesterday as officials warned it will take time to contain the rampaging violence.

Bands of youths torched more than 600 cars overnight and into the day near Paris ? including several vehicles set ablaze outside a court where previously arrested rioters were facing charges.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin kept a low profile while other officials in President Jacques Chirac’s administration debated what is fueling the rampage by hundreds of young people in largely Muslim and African-immigrant areas.

The rioting began Oct. 27 in reaction to the accidental electrocution of two teenagers of African descent, who were apparently fleeing police.

Yesterday, the violence spread to Rouen, Marseilles and Dijon.

In Dijon, teens set fire to cars ? apparently angered by a police crackdown on drug trafficking, according to Paul Ronciere, the region’s top government official.

In Aulnay-sous-Bois, hooded teenagers hurled Molotov cocktails and stoned police.

Officials warned yesterday that the rioters had turned their rage against ordinary citizens ? including a woman on crutches who was set ablaze.

A judicial official said the woman was trying to get off a bus in the Paris suburb of Sevran on Wednesday when youths doused her with flammable liquid and set her on fire with a burning rag. She suffered severe burns.

At what point do these freakin froggies come to the conclusion that to restore order there will need to be bloodshed on the side of the scum and not the police? 9 days later and women are getting burned alive but still this government just wants to talk about what makes the kids mad.

Nov 5th

Rioters razed two Parisian schools and burned hundreds of vehicles on Saturday, in the tenth straight day of violence that is spreading from poor suburbs to cities and towns throughout France.

Young men and boys continued to wreak havoc into the early hours of Sunday, speeding on motorbikes and in cars from one spot to another to lob Molotov cocktails at buildings and cars and pelt police with rocks.

An extra 2,300 police officers patrolled alongside their colleagues in the capital and surrounding communities, which have born the brunt of the violence since it began on Oct. 27 in poor northeastern suburbs with large immigrant populations.

Patrick Hamon, a spokesperson for the national police, said the rioters had torched at least 607 vehicles by 1 a.m. local time on Sunday, including 13 in Paris itself.

Earlier in the day, they burned to the ground two schools in the Paris suburb of Essonne. No one was injured.

And finally some of the good people in this area come forward

On Saturday morning, more than 1,000 people held a silent march through one of the hardest-hit suburbs, Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Loubna Hamidi, a Muslim woman in a veil, condemned the people behind the violence as she and other marchers crunched through shattered glass, past the carcasses of burned-out cars, and in front of businesses and buildings hit by Molotov cocktails.

“I’m very angry and I’m ashamed because they are Arabic like me but they are not my brothers,” she told CBC News. “When they do this, they are not my brothers.”

Gotta leave you with this great quote from Emperor Darth from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

We?ll go one step further and warn our fellow Americans against visiting Frogistan, period. It?d probably be a lot safer to go to Damascus or Beirut instead. At least there, you can expect somebody to shoot at the ones trying to set you on fire, rather than trying to ?dialogue? and ?understand the grievances? of the ?poor, misunderstood? ragheads.

I’m just waiting for France to blame all of this on Bush, because we all KNOW everything is Bush’s fault.

Is anyone surprised that the Religion of Peace is seeking to subjugate and frighten the weak French government by force? The French will appease them just as the left in our Country does. We got 9/11, they get weeks of rioting.

My favorite so far is this one where the AP translates what was written on the wall: (click it to see the larger view)

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Damn those froggy police, to think they would use teargas against rioting people…the tyranny!

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