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A bit of common sense enters the arena:

The Anti-Defamation League strongly condemned Saturday’s Millions More March organized by Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan, calling the event a “sideshow of racists.”

A roster of speakers distributed by the organizers of the Millions More Movement to publicize a kick-off event includes several “noted racists and anti-Semites on the extremist fringe,” the ADL said, complaining that the event was “tainted with bigotry.”

“All along, Louis Farrakhan and his minions have suggested that this march will be different, that it will embrace diversity in a show of solidarity and strength,” said Abraham Foxman, ADL National Director. “Now we see what he means.”

In a press release issued before the event, the ADL listed several of the speakers it had problems with, including, “CUNY professor Dr. Leonard Jeffries, who has claimed that Jews financed the Atlantic slave trade” and New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, who the ADL said was “virulently anti-Semitic and racist.”

Thankfully someone recognizes how repugnant and insulting this “sideshow” was. More then a few recognized it since it appears that this event had a few less then a million show up, by about 850,000 or so….

My favorite line’s of the day: “All of my heroes have been Communists” “Father Saddam cries in prison”

Here is a great summary from someone who obviously disagrees with the hate mongering:

Louis “FEAR&CON” and Jesse Jackson DO NOT speak for ALL BLACK PEOPLE as they want you to believe. If anything, they SHAME us with their nonsense about New Orleans levees being blown up by white people, referrring to white people in political situations as Vanilla Shakes and all the other smack they talk about non-blacks (“Himietown”, Jessie?? Who else could go into New York & utter such trash & arrogantly expect to get a pass on his comments??). Louis and Jessie DISGRACE us with their divisive talk and innuendo that ALL white people hate us, and their inferences that only the Black community hurts and faces hard times. Last time I looked there were plenty of poor people who aren’t black. The “Millions More March” which was really like “a few thousand more RAGE RALLY”, was the epitome of FARCE. HATE SPEECH does nothing to unify us. How ridiculous to think that constantly stirring things up & trying to get us to hate Mr. Bush does anything to make us love one another more. As far as I am concerned, Louis & Jessie are the racists and they are using us to further themselves! Think about it–if they dont keep us enslaved in misery & hatemongering toward others of different ethnicities, what would become of them?? I, for one, have had enough of their selfishness and divisiveness.

[…]Louis, Jessie, and all those like them are doing much harm to the image of good, decent people of color. I refuse to give any creedence to their drivel and Hate Speech. Louis needs to go back to his MOTHERSHIP and take Jessie with him. Maybe then, my brothers & sisters could start thinking for themselves and see the Black Community as we really are–a part of the greater fellowship of mankind, not a faction pitted against “everybody else”.

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