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The plot is now thickening over the war of words between former FBI Director Louis Freeh and the Clinton administration. Freeh said on ’60 Minutes’ over the weekend that Bill Clinton was indifferent to the Khobar Towers attack in 1996 that killed 19 U.S. servicemen and refused to complain to Crown Prince Abdullah directly about a lack of cooperation. Instead, said Freeh, the 42nd president of the United States hit them up for a donation to his presidential library.

It took all of about 2 minutes for the former Clinton cronies to storm out of the woodwork and start defending their former boss. Sandy ‘Pants’ Berger said he was at the meeting, and Freeh is lying. But today we learn from the Saudis….and it’s actually worse than what Freeh said.

This comes to us according to a 2001 New Yorker piece, which quotes two sources close to former Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan. He says former President Clinton was almost ready to cry because of his legal problems stemming from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and that they didn’t really talk too much about the Khobar Towers case. In fact, Clinton didn’t really press Abdullah about it at all. Evidently the ambassador had warned Abdullah to expect some questions about Khobar, but when none came, the prince was stunned that Clinton showed such little interest.

The leader of the free world crying in front of the Prince of Saudi Arabia. No wonder nothing was ever done about terrorism for eight years.

How freakin pathetic.

How about this from a article in 2001

Freeh ? whose own relations with the White House had deteriorated badly in the wake of the Filegate and campaign-finance scandals ? became convinced that the White House didn’t really want to push the Saudis for more information, which Freeh believed would confirm strong suspicions of extensive Iranian involvement in the attack. Walsh reports that in September 1998, Freeh, angry and losing hope, took the extraordinary step of secretly asking former president George H. W. Bush to intercede with the Saudi royal family. Acting without Clinton’s knowledge, Bush made the request, and the Saudis began to provide new information, which indeed pointed to Iran.

In late 1998, Walsh reports, Freeh went to national security adviser Sandy Berger to tell him that it appeared the FBI had enough evidence to indict several suspects. “Who else knows this?” Berger asked Freeh, demanding to know if it had been leaked to the press. Freeh said it was a closely held secret. Then Berger challenged some of the evidence of Iranian involvement. “That’s just hearsay,” Berger said. “No, Sandy,” Freeh responded. “It’s testimony of a co-conspirator . . .” According to Walsh’s account, Freeh thought that “Berger . . . was not a national security adviser; he was a public-relations hack, interested in how something would play in the press. After more than two years, Freeh had concluded that the administration did not really want to resolve the Khobar bombing.”

Ultimately, Freeh never got the support he wanted from the White House. Walsh writes that “by the end of the Clinton era, Freeh had become so mistrustful of Clinton that, although he believed he had developed enough evidence to seek indictments against the masterminds behind the attack, not just the front-line suspects, he decided to wait for a new administration.” Just before Freeh left office, Walsh reports, he met with new president George W. Bush and gave him a list of suspects in the bombing. In June, attorney general John Ashcroft announced the indictment of 14 suspects: 13 Saudis and one Lebanese. It is not clear whether any of them are the “masterminds” of Khobar; none is in American custody and no Iranian officials were named in the indictment.

How anyone can defend this man is beyond me, probably one of the most corrupt Presidents we have had in a loooong time.


Clinton’s Pet Criminal Attacks Louis Freeh

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