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While I have been posting my timeline of events regarding this bombing I realized it has become quite large and difficult to wrap your head around just the basic’s of this event. So I decided I would write a quick rundown, a cheater if you will:

OCT 1ST, 1920HRS – Bomb exploded outside the OU/Kansas State football game. Those people who were at the game reported that it was a loud blast.

2 – Bomber identified as Joel Henry Hinrichs III from Colorado Springs, a student at OU.

3- Unsubstantiated reports that the bomber had a ticket to the game and attempted to enter the stadium. As of this moment this information is hearsay. One person was interviewed by the news who told the reporter that another ticket checker had told him that a guy had run away when he attempted to check his backpack.

4- Police blew up another package of some kind, later reported that it did not contain explosives.

5- FBI searched the bombers apartment and found a large amount of exposives, which they later blew up at the local PD’s test range. Rumors of Islamic Jihad litature found in his apartment

6- Bomber lived with a Pakistani roommate named Fazal M. Cheema, who has not been heard from since the first night. Local news channel reports that he has been relocated. They also reported that there was a plane ticket found in the apartment under his name, destination – Algeria.

7- FBI took the bench the bomber was sitting on and put it into evidence for examination.

8- A few news outlets report that the device the bomber used was TATP

A new terrorist explosive, triacetone triperoxide (TATP), has recently appeared as a weapon in the Middle East. TATP has been used by suicide bombers in Israel, and was chosen as a detonator in 2001 by the thwarted ?shoe bomber? Richard Reid. It can be as or more powerful than military analogs. TATP is one of the most sensitive explosives known, being extremely sensitive to impact, temperature change and friction.

The explosives found in his apartment was also TATP.

9- The Norman Mosque is located very close to where the bomber lived, with reports that the bombers roommate has been seen inside. Unsubstantiated reports that the bomber was also seen at the Mosque. This same Mosque has been the subject of surveillence by the FBI in the past.

10- A local feed store owner reports that the bomber attempted to buy a large amount of Ammonium Nitrate a few days before the bombing. A off-duty Norman police officer was inside the store at the time and overheard the conversation. He wrote the person’s license plate down and filled out a intelligence report.

11- The search warrant issued for the bombers apartment has been sealed.

12- Still no MSM coverage.

I do not believe this is a kid wanting to kill himself. If that was the case why would he have a large amount of explosives in his apartment? Why do it outside of a football game? Why do it with a bomb?

I still believe there will be forthcoming arrests in this case.

Check out the below timelines:

OCT 2ND, 1920HRS – OCT 4TH, 2359HRS

OCT 5TH, 0444HRS – OCT 5TH, 1935HRS

OCT 5TH, 2004HRS – OCT 7TH, 1424HRS

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