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From My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy comes a picture that I just love:

Freakin awesome.

She also posts a email she received from a soldier in Iraq: (the guy in the picture above is his Intel Officer)

I think you would be amazed at the morale of the young military people here. I know I am. I?ve been in for over 28 years and I have seen good and bad. These youngsters are getting the job done in a way I would never have imagined. They go on convoys, get shot at or have IEDs go off, then they return still in high spirits. The trick here is to convince the bad guys they have been beat. The idiots at the peace rallies are what?s really hurting since the stated goals of the insurgents is to break down public support for the war in the US. I heard the other day that 52% of the people back home think we are losing. I would be worried if it was 1995 and this was the case, but Bush doesn?t govern via polls like Clinton did. That?s one thing we all appreciate about the president; he sticks to the plan. :-D

Good to hear these kind of things. That even though the Socialist left and the moonbats far and wide have done their best to bring the morale down of our troops, they have failed.

I also agree that if this was a Clinton administration I would be damn worried since he lived and died by the polls. A 1500 person poll decided everything for that failure of a President.

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