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UPDATE 9/25 1510hrs PST

Check out Sparks From The Anvil for a great roundup of pic’s featuring Los Angeles’ own lefty idiots.

Plus I just had to add this photo, via Gateway Pundit:

Anarchists getting ready to block the street with crap but…..take a look whats coming up on them.


UPDATE 9/25 0820hrs PST

Another picture, man these people are some wacked out freaks

UPDATE 9/24 2245hrs PST

Just gotta update with this pic from Eu Rota:


Well judging by this picture

It looks like the supposed 100,000 anti-american protestors was a little light, by say 60-70,000. Check out this picture of the Abortion/Women’s Health Protest on Apr 26, 2004 which was estimated to be 250,000.

And you get a sense of how off they were.

Plus add in the fact that there are two other gatherings on the mall at the same time:

Tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets of D.C. for various causes this weekend, making it a good time to stay out of the downtown area if you’re not involved.

The main event is an anti-war rally on the National Mall and in the area around the White House. The group organizing the event, United for Peace and Justice, also planned a march that started at the Ellipse.

Counter-demonstrations are taking place in the same area as a part of Support the Troops and Their Mission Weekend.

Nearby, officials with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund will be holding their annual meetings. Protests are expected there as well.

Also on the Mall is the annual National Book Festival, sponsored by the Library of Congress. In addition, hundreds of Segway owners have gathered downtown for a convention for enthusiasts of the two-wheeled human transporters.

Those Socialists put on a good show tho. First from Gateway Pundit:

Gloria la Riva the Leader of the “Cuban 5” Freedom Movement is now celebrating the Atlanta Court’s reversal of their sentences because there was too much Anti-Castro bias in Florida where they were sentenced.

MAS Freedom Foundation speaker (Mahdi Bray) is now up, representing the Muslim American Society and Freedom Foundation. Esam Omeish the president of the MAS group is now up.

(Man, you could have made a killing selling those Palestinian scarves!)

A woman was on stage a bit ago talking about her meeting with Hugo Chavez in New York City last week and what a rush that was.

Next Arab speaker is from the National Council of Arab Americans (check out the link I’ve added and look whose book they are promoting!) says he lives in a society of fear, blah, blah,…

I thought this was going to be an Anti-Iraq War Rally but it’s just a hodgepodge of extreme leftist groups taking turns at a microphone.

Update: I do hope the transcript for this rally is made available. Another Pro-Chavez, Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli protester just left the stage. For the media to say that this is an Anti-War Rally is quite a stretch. Now they are chanting, “End the Occupation!” It is Huge Anti-American Leftist Rally! The media should be sued for misrepresentation. This is MUCH MORE than an Anti-War Rally!

Larry Holmes is speaking to about 30 people on a stage somewhere (oh, my word! That stage is the one on the National Mall!). All the cameras show are empty tents and about 20 people standing around. He just called out to the 30 people for a nation-wide strike! The ANSWER protest is rapping up (2:00 PM CST). The turnout at the National Mall, the pictures they are showing now as the protest winds down,… is pitiful.

Kris posted a bit more on the great people at this gathering:

Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) appeared earlier in the show and was the only member of Congress who spoke. Her comments were off the map in terms of reality. She lamented: “A cruel wind blows across America. . . . It blew disenfranchisement into Ohio and Florida. . . . We were forced to endure fraud in the elections of 2000 and 2004.”

Eventually she got to the war part: “A war started over deliberately fraudulent evidence.” And then she applied the Katrina smear: Federal officials responding to Hurricane Katrina were “criminally incompetent in providing our security.” McKinney wasn’t done yet, charging that the “ill wind” has a global impact, including Venezuela, Hati, and Africa. According to this Congresswoman, someone was guilty of “high crimes and more than misdemeanors.”

More highlights:

Someone from Community Labor United asked for an end to the “war against poor, black, uneducated people.”

The Raging Grannies riled against “corporate pigs” in a song they sang on stage.

Rally co-sponsor United for Peace and Justice representative Leslie Cagan, who could not see over the podium, spoke of “that dangerous man that pretends to be the leader of this country.” She added that the “co-conspirators upon on Capitol Hill need to hear from us.”

Nancy Woolforth, an executive council member of the supposedly-mainstream labor union AFL-CIO hurled invective against “FEMA creeps who would not rescue 150,000 black and poor people.” She charged that “The Bush Administration does not give one damn about those people” and that “Halliburton is stealing Iraq and its resources.”

A man representing the Free Palestine Alliance, a subsidiary of ANSWER, yelled quite loudly throughout his speech and said “They cannot profit over our misery.” He later led the crowd in the chant “Impeach George Bush.”

After handing her child to her husband, a National Lawyers Guild member spoke of the “criminals who occupy Congress.”

He also had these photo’s, the first one showing the true nature of the Anti-War left:

And this one is a favorite of mine

Good to know someone thanks us.

More pic’s from
Chris Christner:

and the Coup de Gras:

And I just love this little exchange Chris had with a protestor:

Protester: “Giuliani knew the towers were gonna fall”

Me: “I heard on the Internet that micronuclear explosives were used.”

Protester: “No, I just think they were regular explosives.”

Me: “OK, so President Bush and Giuliani and all were in a conspiracy, isn’t that far-fetched?”

Protester: “No, no, on 9/11 the airplanes were just for show.”

Me: “Ohhkay, thanks very much for your time.

He has tons more, go check it out.

Back to some more pictures from

Finally lets take a look at the major sponsor of this rally?

The media have pushed the idea that the demonstration this weekend at the White House was an “anti-war” gathering. What they didn’t say was who was behind it.

No doubt, many fine, sincere people demonstrated this weekend against the U.S. liberation of Iraq. Being Americans, they’re certainly entitled to do so.

Maybe they even endorsed the view of those who organized the demonstrations. On Thursday, the organizers ran a two-page ad. On one, they called the Bush administration liars. On the other, they ran the names of all those who have died in Iraq.

But we’d be surprised if those well-meaning folks understood whose banner they were marching under, because the media aren’t reporting it. For the record, the lead organizer is ANSWER, which the media routinely refer to as an “antiwar group.”

It is nothing of the sort.

In fact, ANSWER is a front group for the Stalinist Workers World Party. And any group that qualifies for that epithet in front of its name deserves special scrutiny, since Josef Stalin was responsible for the murder of as many as 25 million human beings.

Well, you might ask, does it really matter? It sure does.

Imagine for a moment it was a different group that sponsored the demonstration ? say, a neo-Nazi group. Think The Washington Post and other media would report that? You bet they would.

After all, Adolf Hitler and his thugs were some of the worst mass murderers of all time. We would expect ? no, demand ? media to report that a demonstration attended by hundreds of middle class moms, concerned fathers and pacifist students was in fact organized by Brownshirts.

So why do communists ? particularly those who march under Stalin’s flag ? get different treatment? And why do thousands of average people feel comfortable marching arm in arm with them?

It’s a puzzle. After all, according to the “Black Book of Communism” ? a widely cited and respected compendium of communism’s crimes in the 20th century ? communist regimes murdered as many as 100 million people over the last century.

That’s quite a record. Indeed, all the century’s great mass murders ? Mao Zedong (65 million), Stalin (25 million), Hitler (21 million), Pol Pot (2 million) ? were communists or socialists.

Yet many well-meaning people who marched this weekend perhaps didn’t know all this. Or perhaps they don’t mind having their cause besmirched by people who aren’t really anti-war at all, but anti-America, anti-West, anti-freedom and anti-capitalist.

It’s disappointing that so many marchers will demonstrate, heedless that they’re being used by people who hold them ? and their bourgeois pacifism ? in contempt.

Maybe it proves the old adage: Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Couldn’t think of a better example of the left these days. They have woken up infested with fleas.

I figured I should end this post with something on the bright side, so how about this picture from the counter-protest: (Via
Global Cop From DC)

A bit better huh? He also has many more pic’s of the counter protest.

Lots of stuff to look at in these pic’s, one thing you will not see is 100,000 people.

I can hear the words of Baghdad Bob right now:

“Believe me when I say to you-there are hundreds of thousands, no-millions upon millions of anti-war protestors bescheeing the city of Washington today”

Check out Michelle Malkin, Alenda Lux, Bloggledlygook, Small Town Veteran, Stop The Bleating, Protein Wisdom, AlDayNet, RedState, Marathon Pundit, & The Jawa Report for more.

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