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Really don’t see any reason not to call the Bloods and the Crips terrorists now, for that matter we can include the Nation of Islam also:

KFI NEWS has obtained a copy of a flyer that’s been circulated in South Los Angeles, calling on members of two violent street gangs to join the Nation of Islam in a jihad, or holy war, against the LAPD.

The telephone number listed for the Nation of Islam’s Los Angeles mosque near 87th and Vermont has been disconnected, but a check of a reverse directory reveals the phone number on the flyer is connected to the mosque at the same address.

The NOI’s Los Angeles leader Minister Tony Muhammad has claimed he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by LAPD officers at the scene of a vigil for a murdered gang member.

The LAPD last week released an audio tape of some garbled radio transmissions in which they say Muhammad can be heard challenging officers.

The photograph on the flyer appears to have been taken at a news conference held just after Muhammad was released from jail.

Muhammad and the Nation of Islam have not returned calls for comment.

It’s unclear who created the flyer so the LAPD has declined to comment, other than saying officers have been aware of them for several days.

“This is deeply disturbing,” Los Angeles Police Protective League President Bob Baker told KFI in an e-mail (the LAPPL is the LAPD officers’ union).

“Quite frankly, this is a case in which I hope our mayor, our Police Commission and our community leaders can step in to remind everyone of our shared priorities,” Baker said.

This is obviously because of the incident where this supposed Minister was double parked in the projects. The officer’s told him to back the vehicle up to which he said “make me!”. How do we know he said this? Because the officer tape recorded the incident.

Then they made him.

So now that the Nation of Islam has their feelings hurt they have joined with the gangs to declare war against the LAPD. The fact that they have joined the gangs is not unusual, they have been associated with the gangs for quite some time: (from 2000)

The meeting was billed as an information session on Venice 2000?s programs, but speakers focused almost entirely on the gang injunction. “We?re being bound in chains through the injunction and carried away,” declared Mohammad, the keynote speaker. “Where?s the gang injunction against the skinheads?” he asked. “Where?s the gang injunction against the Klan? Where?s the gang injunction against the police officers in Riverside who shaved their heads and shot another brother the other night?”

In a speech laced with the conspiracy theories (the malt liquor hawked in inner-city groceries is laced with LSD ? “It?s a mind-control drug”) and racially charged rhetoric (referring to Korean merchants in black neighborhoods: “You got a place called Koreatown ? go there!”) that have made the Nation infamous, Mohammad announced plans to unite L.A. gang members this summer in a fight against injunctions and the three-strikes law, and for economic self-sufficiency in black neighborhoods. “We got to become an organized army, homies,” he said, “but we got to do it positive.”

Mohammad said the Nation of Islam has received calls from gang sets all over Los Angeles, and another speaker, London Carter, said Crips and Bloods alike had contacted him to find out how they could help fund the Shorelines? legal defense. Many in attendance Thursday hailed from other L.A. gangs and had heard about the event on the radio, organizers said ? so many that Pearl White, a neighborhood activist who fought to bring the injunction to Oakwood, exclaimed, “Most of those people don?t even live here.”

Want some more of this idiot? How about this quote from last month after Compton announced gang injunctions:

Minister Tony Muhammad, the West Coast representative of the Nation of Islam, expressed concerns about any get-tough approach to crime, cautioning that many young black men wrongly fall into broad concepts of what gang members look like.

He also questioned deputies’ difficulties in solving homicides in the community, given that fewer than a dozen arrests have been made in connection with this year’s slayings.

“Let an officer get killed, they catch the shooter in eight hours,” Muhammad said. “But a brown or black brother get killed and you can’t find anyone who’d talk to you? Watch out, Compton.”

Get the feeling he doesn’t want the gangs messed with yet?

The Nation of Islam must now be treated like a terrorist organization and hunted down like the scum they are.

h/t The Horseback Riders


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