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The above picture was taken on Aug 13th as Marines fire off some mortar’s after another platoon was attacked during Operation Whalers.

KABUL, Afghanistan –U.S. and Afghan troops killed at least 40 suspected rebels in an offensive targeting militants who ambushed Navy SEAL commandos and shot down a special-forces helicopter — the deadliest attacks on American forces in Afghanistan, U.S. officials said Monday.

The military declared the weeklong operation in lawless Kunar province near Pakistan a success, following the spate of insurgent attacks that already has made 2005 the bloodiest year for American forces in the country since the Taliban’s ouster.

…The offensive, centered on eastern Kunar province’s Korengal Valley, sought rebels suspected of killing three Navy SEAL commandos in an ambush and 16 troops aboard a special-forces helicopter that was shot down June 28. The operation ended over the weekend.

“It was successful,” spokesman Lt. Col. Jerry O’Hara told The Associated Press. “We had over 29 separate engagements with enemy forces that resulted in over 40 enemy killed in action and many others wounded.”

Before the operation started, hundreds of Afghan rebels, as well as militants from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Chechnya, were believed to be hiding in the valley, just miles from the Pakistan border, and gearing up for attacks on polling stations.

O’Hara also announced that a separate battle Aug. 7-10 in southern Zabul province’s Daychopan district left 65 suspected militants dead. The military initially reported that 16 rebels were killed.

It’s payback time.


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