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This is just freakin unbelievable:

A global network of human rights museums is urging the International Freedom Center to downplay America in its exhibits and programs at Ground Zero, the Daily News has learned.

The outrageous request is the latest controversy to torment the Freedom Center, whose leaders have tried to dispel the perception that it would be a home for America bashers.

“Don’t feature America first,” the IFC has been advised by the consortium of 14 “museums of conscience” that quietly has been consulting with the Freedom Center for the past two years over plans for the hallowed site. “Think internationally, where America is one of the many nations of the world.”

Those words rang hollow with some 9/11 family members.

“I can’t think of a greater insult than to invite museums from other countries of the world to come and exploit what should be America’s memorial,” said Jack Lynch, who helped carry the body of his firefighter son Michael, 30, out of the rubble.

“If you’re going to explore slavery, the Holocaust or women’s rights, you should do it at Chelsea Piers or on the East River waterfront – anywhere but Ground Zero,” said Debra Burlingame, whose brother Charles, 51, was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

…The firefighters union already has demanded the Freedom Center be booted from Ground Zero, and state officials have given it until Sept. 23 to satisfy the objections of family members.

This is just disgusting. But wait, there is more:

Among its suggestions for the place where the United States was attacked and nearly 3,000 innocents massacred: “The Freedom Center must signal its openness to contrary ideas.”

Philip Kunhardt, the Freedom Center’s editorial director, was in attendance at a session called Bringing Conscience to Ground Zero and was given this advice:

  • “Help distinguish between American people and the U.S. government in exhibits …”
  • “Use reports from human rights organizations to examine contemporary abuse of rights.”
  • “Involve the United Nations, UNESCO and other international bodies.”
  • “Use the museum as a venue for international meetings, where all views are welcomed and considered.”

At the conference, the coalition also leveled barbs at the IFC: “The Freedom Center is a caricature of the typical American response to everything [telling every story from an American viewpoint].”

Members of the coalition also expressed these concerns:

  • “It seems that whatever Americans want, Americans get!” the conference report states. “Is the definition of the ‘struggle for freedom’ simply defined by the victors, or also by those engaged in ongoing struggles? Will Americans really create a balanced vision of freedom?”
  • “The WTC was attacked because it was a symbol of power and influence. In building the Freedom Tower, the U.S. reasserts its power in an arrogant way: Does this mean the U.S. will not only build the biggest building, but also define freedom for the world?”
  • “Many nonsecular Muslims may be very skeptical about the intent of this museum (e.g. the average Bangladeshi condemns the Sept. 11 attacks, yet at the same time feels his/her human rights have been violated by the U.S.).”

Who gives a flying fuck what the average Bangladeshi thinks about 9/11. Ground zero is not for those living in Bangladesh, nor anywhere else outside of the United States. This is just garbage. 3,000 innocent people died that day and we want a memorial that HONOR’s them….not a memorial that makes excuses for the terrorists. Sickening.

Go here and here if you want a reminder of why this is about the innocent lives of 9/11…and that is it, nothing else.

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