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Some great quotes from Christopher Hitchens on Hardball last night:

O?DONNELL: I?m sure also the president did not anticipate that while he was spending a five-week vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, that he would be witnessing a mom, Cindy Sheehan, who has been camped outside his ranch now, demanding a meeting with the president, saying she won?t leave until that happens.

Christopher, do you think that this represents?or she represents some sort of tipping point in public opinion in America?

HITCHENS: Certainly not. She has, just today, lied about a statement that she made several times before to the effect that her son was killed in a war run by a secret Jewish cabal within the administration. She now says she didn?t make that statement. She did make that statement. So as well as being an hysterical paranoid ideologist, or at least being manipulated by people who are, turned this into camp fruitbag and nutbag, she has decided not to have the courage or maybe the cowardice of her conviction. She now says she didn?t make a statement that she definitely did.

FINEMAN: I think, Christopher.

HITCHENS: And she is also inviting a terrific riposte. What if we were to say, very well, the conduct of this war will depend on an opinion poll which we?ll take of relatives of the fallen in Iraq, only they can decide, only they have the authority. She would lose.

Do I favor such a thing? No. I?m pro-war but I would be totally against that. It would be handing our policy over to an.


O?DONNELL: Howard, what about her.

HITCHENS: . minority which she has allowed our profession, disgracefully, to be used as a megaphone for a fraud.

…HITCHENS: It?s undignified and she has become the prisoner of a paranoid political (INAUDIBLE) which go from her endorsers Michael Moore to her latest endorser, David Duke, all of whom are saying, yes, it?s true, there?s a secret Israeli cabal that runs the show, that her son was killed in effect for nothing. Now this is insulting and undignified and ungraceful.

…O?DONNELL: You think there is going to be a huge backlash against Cindy Sheehan.

HITCHENS: Well, I think there should be. I think our profession should stop acting as her megaphone. Until I published her real political opinions in Slate yesterday, she had to answer no more questions than, how does it feel? OK? I object. I shouldn?t have had to do that.

I said, this woman is mouthing the most sinister piffle from Michael Moore and David Duke. She should be held responsible for what she thinks. When she was asked about it finally by Anderson Cooper yesterday, she said, I didn?t say it. She?s also a liar.

He’s is dead on about Cindy and especially that last part when he said that the media should stop acting as her megaphone. She is still a piece of garbage and a liar to boot.


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