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It appears that the little girl who was held hostage by her father, Jose Pena, during a shootout with the LAPD had cocaine in her system:

A toxicology report released Wednesday shows that a 19-month-old girl killed in a shootout involving her father and SWAT officers had ingested cocaine several days before the gun battle, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

The July 10 confrontation between police and Jose Raul Pena left Pena and his daughter, Suzie Marie Pena, dead.

Authorities said the gunman held his daughter in his arms as he fired at police and bystanders. Pena wounded a SWAT officer before he was shot dead.

The small amounts of cocaine in the girl’s system suggested she ingested it through skin contact, breast feeding, or inhaling cocaine that someone else smoked, said Craig Harvey, operations chief for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

“If the child had picked up the cocaine (and swallowed it) there would have been a much larger, possibly fatal amount,” Harvey said.

Authorities are waiting for toxicology results on the father.

“We would want to make a determination that the other children in the family had not been exposed to similar circumstances,” said Los Angeles Police Department Chief William Bratton. “It is what it is. We have taken full responsibility for the taking of that young life. What we want to do with our investigation moving forward is learn what we can do to prevent something like that from happening again.”

Actually not surprising since as we all know the father was no real father. Just a chickenshit drug addict who valued the life of his daughter less then his own.

In other news the attorney for the family say’s they have no plans to sue…..yet:

Los Angeles police officers showed a “lack of command and control” during a shootout that left an armed suspect and his 19-month-old daughter dead, an attorney for the family said Wednesday.

Luis Carrillo said the family wants the officers involved to be disciplined, but there are no immediate plans for a lawsuit.

Which is total bull. These officers saved the teenage daughter and when they believed they had wounded the suspect they went in to save the girl. Instead they find the suspect firing at them while holding the girl as a shield. But of course it always comes down to laying the blame on someone else other then the freakin father. Why? Because they believe there will be a big payday. That’s it, no other reason. Believe me, there WILL be a lawsuit….this lawyer is doing what they specialize in, blowing smoke up the public’s and their clients ass.


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