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Whoa boy, can anyone figure out just wtf this lady is saying?

Reporter: Senator, you said that gender isn’t the primary concern, but is it a step back in some way that we have, you know, just another white guy being nominated in this important position?

Barbara Boxer: I assume those are your words, which I don’t ascribe to. What I would say is, it’s definitely a setback when the president has an opportunity to appoint…to make a, shall we say, ground-breaking appointment, you know, of a woman, of a minority. It’s always a setback when he decides that there’s no one that fills the bill. And so…but to me, the bottom line is, you know, your rights, the rights of your families, the rights of my grandson & future citizens. That’s the key thing here. But there’s no question in terms of role models. And I have to…I could tell you right here now, that being a woman in the Senate, & we’re now up to fourteen, when I go out, & especially in the years when I was one of four or six or whatever the number, I can’t remember exactly, the young girls that would come around to me, who would just say, you know, I want to do what you do. And I’m sure as reporters in the early days, when there were fewer, I’m sure you had the same if you went to speak at a school, a high school. The girls would be so interested. How do you do it in a man’s world, you know? And look around you here. It’s very different today, which is terrific. So when we have a chance, as elected leaders, to, you know, to pick a chief of staff as a woman, or a minority, this is something that’s a good thing to do. You pick the best. You always pick the best. But my view is there’s the best out there. So yeah. I’d have to say, for sure, I’m disappointed in that. But I don’t want to say that’s dispositive of how I feel about this nomination, because there’s a lot more important things. I mean, had the president chose a woman who didn’t respect the rights of women, that wouldn’t have…it would’ve been good from a role model perspective, when you see the picture, & little girls in the community & the country know that it’s possible for me. But in terms of the rights of the people, that’s the key here, more than anything else.

What a winner this lady is, sheesh.

(h/t Boxer Watch)

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