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More evidence today that the London bombers were connected to Al-Qaeda:

INVESTIGATORS have established a firm link between al-Qaeda and the London bombers after an Islamist terrorist in jail in America identified the British man who led the murderous attacks 10 days ago.

Security officials in the United States have confirmed that self-confessed al-Qaeda member Mohammed Junaid Babar had admitted knowing Mohammed Sidique Khan, the oldest of the British bombers who killed at least 55 people.

Babar, who was arrested after returning from an al-Qaeda “terror summit” in Pakistan early last year, identified Khan from photographs shown to him late last week.

The revelation that an al-Qaeda member was associating with one of the London bombers long before the July 7 bus and Tube blasts reinforces the growing impression that British intelligence failed to spot obvious warning signs of an imminent attack.

The links to Egypt and Pakistan continue to grow:

The global scale of the plot is also becoming clearer. British detectives have arrived in Cairo to question an Egyptian biochemist suspected of being the bombmaker.

Reports in Pakistan yesterday suggested four arrests had been made in the Osman Town neighbourhood of Faisalabad at the request of British investigators.

American security expert John McLaughlin, a former acting head of the CIA, said the British investigation had already demonstrated that the al-Qaeda threat was “more widespread than a few isolated guys”.

“It will turn out to be a larger network in Pakistan than we might see at this moment, and in the UK,” he added. “And it will probably, in the end, turn out to have some linkages into the United States that we’ll have to run down.”

Guess who’s name is coming up being connected with these guys?

More details have also emerged about Lindsay, the Jamaican-born Briton thought to have carried out the Russell Square underground attack. He worshipped at the same mosque in Brixton as Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the “20th hijacker” named by the United States in conjunction with the attacks of September 11, 2001.

And finally it appears that these guys may have not been suicide bombers after all:

Meanwhile, there is still some doubt whether the four London bombers committed suicide or were duped by their handlers into blowing themselves up in a bid to cover up the plot.

“We’ve never used the phrase ‘suicide bombers’,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said. “We’ve always been aware that amongst the things we need to clarify is the notion these people intended to die as well as letting off a bomb.”

More evidence here:

Scotland Yard have admitted a possibility that the four men who set off the deadly bombs on the 7th July in London may have thought they would walk away alive.

When Hasib Mir Hussain, Germaine Lindsay, Mohammed Sadique Khan and Shahzad Tanweer went to London they bought return train tickets and a pay and display ticket for their parked car.

There is a likelihood that the bombers ?boss? told them that they would have enough time to get away after leaving the bombs.

They carried their explosives in backpacks, not strapped to their bodies as most suicide bombers do. Suicide bombers do not usually carry anything that identifies them, and all four men had some form of identity on their person.

A security official from Scotland Yard said, ?The bombers? masters might have thought that they couldn?t risk the four men being caught and spilling everything to British interrogators. The stakes were too high so they could have lied to them and deliberately sent them to their deaths.?


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