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Ok, can I say WTF now?

Probe focusing on Moroccan national

In the meanwhile, the investigation into the perpetrators of the attacks appeared to be focusing on a Moroccan national who has mysteriously gone missing from the British capital in recent days.

Scotland Yard and MI5 have urgently requested help from European agencies in tracking down a Moroccan national who has been living in Britain for 16 years and who is suspected of past terrorist activity in Europe and North Africa, the daily newspaper The Independent reported in Saturday editions.

Mohammed al-Gerbouzi, who has also been linked to terrorist attacks in Madrid and Casablanca, disappeared from his home in London recently.

French and German security officials have accused al-Gerbouzi of having links with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born leader of the Islamic insurgency in Iraq said to be connected to Al-Qaida, the newspaper reported.

Morocco has repeatedly requested the British government extradite al-Gerbouzi, who was granted political asylum in the UK. Al-Gerbouzi was convicted of involvement in terrorist attacks in Casablanca which killed 44 people. After being tried in absentia, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, the Independent reported.

The London-based Arabic language daily Al-Hayyat reported Saturday that British security forces had raided the homes of, and took into custody, two Muslim students currently enrolled at the University of London.

The newspaper also reported that police have detained and questioned scores of Muslims, including those holding British citizenship, within the last two days.

This is an example of the danger the British government put it’s citizens in. This head in the sand PC mentality is just plain criminal in my opinion. This guy was:

1. Wanted by Morocco for his role in the 2003 casablanca bombings that killed 44

2. Known by French and German intelligence as a militant Jihadi with Zarqawi connections.

3. He is now AWOL and wanted by Scotland Yard in connection with the attacks in London.

If I lived in the UK I would want some answers big time. WTF!

Check out Pajama Hadin and The Anti-Corn Law League for more.

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