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Great post over at Gates Of Vienna:

Political correctness insinuates itself into the body politic under many aliases ? multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, conventional wisdom, progressive thought (how?s that for an oxymoron?), all the smelly little orthodoxies of our time. It comes in a number of varieties and flavors.

As a public service, I have gathered together the ten basic principles of PC. You might call them the Ten Postulates of PC; or maybe they could be couched in the imperative as the Ten Commandments of Multiculturalism.

1. America is uniquely evil.
2. America is never justified in defending itself.
3. Illiterate people from poor societies are superior to Americans.
4. The Earth would be better off without human beings.
5. Making a profit is always immoral.
6. Differences between individuals or groups are unfair.
7. For Designated Victim Groups, strong feelings excuse all behavior.
8. Policies informed by Jud?o-Christian principles are inherently suspect.
9. Conservatives are hypocrites; liberals are sincere.
10. There are no acts of God; there are only acts of Government.

Then Neo-Neocon added a few more:

11) We defend the right to free speech for ourselves, but anyone else whose speech hurts our feelings must be censored.

12) In any conflict between a third-world nation and a first-world nation, the third-world nation is always right.

13) Tyranny in third-world countries is not our concern unless the US (or Israel) can be blamed in some way.

14) All criticism or disagreement with any policy of a third-world nation, culture, or person is, by definition, racism.

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