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Interesting stuff coming out of Washington State with their election up there:

Democrats are now claiming 544 felons voted in Republican Dino Rossi-leaning areas in the 2004 governor’s election.

Democrats have been looking for felons who voted illegally to offset felon voters Republicans identified in their legal challenge to the election of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Rossi challenged Gregoire’s 129-vote election victory. The election-challenge trial is scheduled to start May 23.

Republicans have identified 946 votes they say were cast by felons whose voting rights have not been restored.

The state Democratic Party, which intervened on the side of the state, has complained that the GOP list has many errors.

But Democrats disclosed Friday they’re trying to beat Republicans at their own game by introducing evidence of 432 illegal felon votes in Rossi-leaning areas. This week they upped that total to 544.

Whats so interesting about this is the fact that everyone knows how those felon’s voted:

Felons lose their right to vote while in prison in most states and even after release in a few states, including Florida. In 2000 an estimated 10,000 felons voted illegally in Florida. Where their voter registration was checked, 85 percent of these convicted felons were registered as Democrats.

Now let me see, why would felons vote Democrat? I can’t put it any better then this author:

This makes perfect sense for them to favor the party of legalized theft, taxing the daylights out of the rich and productive so that the fruits of their labor can be given to the lazy and unproductive. Democratic Party class warfare is the criminal mindset in political form.

And how did these felons voting effect the Washington race:

Even if only 544 felons voted in Washington State last fall and 85 percent of them voted for Gregoire, the felons changed a 252-vote Rossi victory into a 129-vote Gregoire victory.

Whats so telling about this whole thing is that 85% number of felons voting Democrat. Nothing tells the truth about that party then that little figure.

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