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Apparently the queen of the whining left may have actually took trips herself on a lobbyist dime:

House Republicans yesterday called on Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to provide documentation to prove that a Washington lobbyist firm did not pay for a trip she and other Democrats took to Puerto Rico in 2001.

“We feel that such lingering questions undermine the integrity of the institution and we hope [the questions] will be cleared up as soon as possible,” wrote Republican Reps. Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina and Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia.

The Washington Times reported earlier this week that Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Ohio Democrat and member of the House ethics committee, listed a registered lobbyist as the trip’s sponsor. House rules prohibit registered lobbyists from paying for travel by members.
On travel disclosure forms filed with the House clerk, Mrs. Pelosi and others on the trip listed a group called Todo Puerto Rico con Vieques as its sponsor.

After the discrepancy was made public, Mrs. Jones amended her travel disclosure form to match those of Mrs. Pelosi and other travelers. A spokeswoman in Mrs. Jones’ office blamed the conflicting information on “human error” but declined to provide proof that the trip was paid for by Todo Puerto Rico con Vieques, rather than D.C. lobbyist Smith, Dawson & Andrews.

Mrs. Pelosi also refused to provide any such documentation, and testily dismissed questions yesterday about the matter.

“There’s no discrepancy in the records on my trip,” the California Democrat said. “So that’s all I can answer for.”

Very interesting, especially since she has been leading the charge against Delay. This might just blow up in her face and the MSM can’t hide it like they usually do. Scared Monkeys had this to say:

But there is a new game in town, BLOGGERS. They see the story on Delay, and find out that 40+ Democrats are doing the same. The meme spreads and the media has to cover the story because their credibility is eroding. So they bury the story on the Democrats, but it pulls the DeLay story off the front pages.

Now they have attacked DeLay because of his travel practices. The typically cowed Republicans have changed colors and put out the story through the Washington Times that Nancy Pelosi may have taken a trip with a bunch of Democrats to Puerto Rico that was not quite kosher. The Drudge Report catches the story, bloggers such as myself and 100 others grab on to it also, and the media is forced to attack one of it?s own in Pelosi, or drop the story.

In the past this would never have seen the light of day, now the NY Times and Washington Post will have to cover it. The rest of the mainstream media will be in a corner, do we cover it or let the story die.

Us bloggers will not let this die, you can believe that.

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