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I can’t tell you how many times I have run across guys who say they were Marines, when they weren’t, say they were recon, or a seal, or a yada yada yada…and after a few questions realize they are just full of bullshit.

Even one guy on our Department, whom alot of people respected, had told people for a long time that he used to be a Navy Seal. When he finally got on SEB (our departments SWAT) he ran into a guy who actually was a Seal. He checked around and found out this guy was never apart of any Seal team. The rest of SEB told him to pack his shit and leave, so he was sent packing.

Now news come from Jennifer over at A Collection Of Thoughts about another liar. This time the liar sold his story to a reporter:

For Maxcy the opportunity to achieve the ?gusto? was symbolized by the Army?s Green Beret.

Maxcy added, ?The Army sure didn?t claim us. The Navy didn?t claim us. The Air Force or the Marines ? they didn?t claim us! We were our own breed.?

Then he went to Camp McCall, the Special Forces training camp near Fort Bragg, N.C. Following that Maxcy said, ?I went to the Panama Canal Zone for guerilla warfare training.? ?Our mission,? Maxcy said, ?was to search, identify, penetrate and destroy.?

The true paradoxical nature of Maxcy?s personality came through when he said, ?We were trained in the massive kill and the assignment kill.? And he added with a hesitant nervous laugh, ?So, I guess you could say we were assassins.?

In 1962 he went to Vietnam as an advisor for a year. In 1968 he returned as a combatant. Maxcy candidly shared his experiences in the Vietnam War. A war that would, as it did so many vets, change Maxcy forever. One mission involved his parachuting from the belly of a B-52 from 30,000 feet into the jungles of Laos in what he said, ?They called a halo jump. High altitude ? low opening at about 6,000 feet. (He was provided a special five-minute oxygen bottle and protective sheepskin clothing for the jump).

When asked what he subsisted on for the remainder of the seven days he said, ?Do you really want to know? Well, I ate bugs, roots – (after a very slight pause) ? human.?

The individual in this incident Maxcy said, ?Was a sniper that I got before he got me.? Maxcy reasoned, ?In a situation like that you do what you have to do to survive. You don?t really have time to think about it. You do what instinct tells you to do. Afterwards you set there and ? ya, I got sick, – but I wasn?t hungry.?

I really can’t believe that this reporter did not do any fact checking of any kind. He just brought it hook, line and sinker.

He jumped from a B-52? Give me a break. Doesn’t happen.

He ate humans? This guy is just bizarre.

And even tho I am a Marine I do know a bit about the Special Forces. They are not “assassins”, they are trained to infiltrate, recruit, train, and conduct guerilla warfare against the enemy. That is it. This isn’t some Arnold movie.

Jennifer has a post up with a response from some real Special Forces guys:

I spent 26 years in the Army, six with the Infantry, seven with Military Intelligence, and the best thirteen years was with Special Forces. Within those thirteen years, I spent two and a half years with Special Operations. Additionally, my oldest son spent eighteen years with Special Forces, and his final five years was as a HALO instructor.

Having accrued some five to seven years, myself, as an Instructor with Special Forces Training in the early sixties, I am here to tell you that, for starters, Maxcy was too young for SFQ, his “claims to fame” are just that and nothing else. Special Forces personnel are not trained to “infiltrate, observe, and kill” as Mr. Maxcy paraphrased it. Special Forces personnel are trained to infiltrate, recruit, train, and conduct guerilla warfare against illegal governments. Or, at least that is what was taught back in the days that this imposter is claiming to have been a member of our Family. Additionally, when questioned to the feasibility of using a B-52 for a HALO drop, I was advised “Not Hardly.”

Along the same line of thought, I personally know the six members of Special Forces who actually made the only HALO inserts within our area of influence in Vietnam. No, they did not use a B-52. Do you realize the heights that a B-52 flies at, and the speed with which they travel? If you did, this in itself would be an indicator that the “wannabe” was filling your ears with pure unadulterated bullshit, sir, yes, big time bullshit!!!

I would sincerely suggest that you, as a responsible news reporter, assist the authorities in uncovering this individual for what he is, a certified phoney, and imposter, in addition to falsification of facts as to his association with Special Forces. We deal with them on a daily basis, due to the quantity of the “SF Wannabe’s” in our midst. BTW, along this line, “Sealed Records” are no longer sealed from the Vietnam era. Those records that were “lost in the fire”, were from periods that preceded the Vietnam era, so that in itself is a cop-out.

Others have, I am sure, suggested names of “team members” etc. I might add some other questions: What SFQ Class Number, Names of Instructors, and subject he took. Length of the training, where were the last two weeks spent? Camp McKall wasn’t used for SF training in those days either. Believe me when I tell you that gaining names of team members and the likes will bring out the truth, because, in the SF/SO Family, if no one knew the guy, he didn’t exist, a phoney, and will not be able to handle the pressure.

You can write to this reporter to voice your displeasure here.

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