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This is just crazy:

Kevin Sites, a freelance photojournalist for NBC, will be awarded the 2005 Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism on May 12 for his decision-making process after he witnessed and taped a U.S. Marine killing an unarmed Iraqi man in a mosque.

Sites decided to share the tape with the military, then he worked with NBC to create a “well-nuanced story that aired 48 hours after the incident,” according to the Payne announcement. Since he was working as a pool photojournalist at the time, Sites shared the tape with the other news organizations in the pool.

Yeah, a “well nuanced story”. Bullshit. All this guy did was give the enemy some propaganda to use against us. What happened in the end? This Marine was exonerated and Mr. Sites gets a award for putting this marine through more shit.

As Kevin Sites wrote back in November:

This week I’ve even been shocked to see myself painted as some kind of anti-war activist. Anyone who has seen my reporting on television or has read my dispatches is fully aware of the lengths I’ve gone to play it straight down the middle — not to become a tool of propaganda for the left or the right. But I find myself a lightning rod for controversy in reporting what I saw occur in front of me, camera rolling.

Yes, just shocked to be categorized as “anti-war” but……:

Kevin Sites, the NBC cameraman who shot video of the controversial shooting of a Fallujah insurgent by a U.S. Marine, is an anti-war activist whose photographs of Iraqi prisoners are featured on at least one anti-war website.

Images Against War is one website where Sites’ photography appears, giving two separate pages to his work. One of the pages, labeled “Kevin Sites 2,” features photos of captured Iraqis with one caption saying detainees on a truck were enduring “a long ride into uncertainty.” Most of the photos featured on the site engender sympathy toward U.S. enemy fighters and antipathy toward American military personnel.

Hmmm, who woulda thunk a reporter would lie like that huh? But hey, he deserved that award.

As LGF said today:

First, AP gets a Pulitzer Prize for anonymous photos of terrorists committing murder, taken under suspicious circumstances.

Then, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes get a Peabody Award for ?breaking? the Abu Ghraib story (which had really been ?broken? months previously by the US military).

And now, Kevin Sites, who nearly got an innocent Marine charged with murder (for doing the right thing in a war zone), will receive a Payne Award.

Can anyone say Tokyo Rose, Lord HawHaw, Hanoi Hannah…thats what are MSM has become.

Check out The Jawa Report for more.

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