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Awhile back I blogged a bit about a pursuit my partner and I got into recently. Since the driver has pled guilty I figured I would give a few of my regular readers a chance to listen in on our radio traffic, probably something you don’t get to hear to often.

It might be hard for you to make it out since we use radio codes and the like, Ill break the tape down a bit.

Radio Traffic – 36mb

First thing you will be hearing is me saying – 10-33 give me the patch – 10-33 is the code we use to signal the dispatcher that we have emergency traffic. Give me the patch is telling her to put us on the patch so all the units can hear us.

I then give our unit and tell her we are in pursuit of a reckless duece. That is we are pursing a reckless driver, possible drunk driver. He first got our attention when he crashed into a parked car in front of us then refused to stop for us.

I then give our direction of travel and location.

He TC’d (crashed into) another parked car.

Direction and location again.

Direction and location again.

Direction and location once again, then I give the plate (I cut out the plate from the audio).

Direction and location again and then he TC’d into another parked car.

Then TC’d into a house.

Then I advise we are in foot pursuit, direction and location.

I advise he has a 417 (gun) and then he tossed it into a yard (I cut out the address here also).

We then advise that we have him detained and 10-15 (under arrest).

So there ya go, if anyone is interested.

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