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You just gotta love the moonbats….during my travels in a radio car I occasionally see a bum talking to himself and punching at invisible people. I immediately think “you know he was raised as a moonbat”.

It now appears that Jeff Gannon could be the thread that unravels the real story behind the TANG/CBS forgeries. I have put together a case here that if looked at carefully by the blogosphere would show that the TANG forgeries were made by the White House, probably Dan Bartlett, and then given to Bill Burkett by a former associate of Karl Rove, Roger Stone. Stone’s wife, Nydia, who is Cuban, was most likely the Hispanic lady on the phone who convinced Burkett the documents were real and that he should burn them after copying them to protect her honor

Gannon was apparently used by the White House to ID Mapes as the CBS producer and to try and conflate the Abu Ghraib photos she revealed as sourceless as the TANG docs.

Bahaaahahahahahahah, these guys are insane with a capitol I. We all know these people are the one’s who believe Fahrenheit 9/11 was a documentary! Bawhahahahahah. Keep it up boys and girls and the White House will never be your again. (hat tip LGF)

You can read the whole article in all its idiocy here.

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