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Man do these liberals drive you crazy or what? They must be smoking the best weed in town or something. Via Eric The Unread comes this article about The Independant’s interviews with a few politicans. The best one is highlighted in Eric’s blog which would be this one.

“The most important lesson of the Holocaust is that fear provides a power structure for political leaders. Hitler portrayed the Jews as the enemy and used it to instil fear and gain power. George Bush evokes the fear of terrorism and becomes a more powerful leader. The important thing moving forward is to look at history and understand. Only by seeing how such things develop can we be sure such atrocities will not happen again.”

You can almost see this guy on the street corner of any major city yelling to himself and boxing a imaginary friend. What idioticy. Who is this guy anyways? Well Eric lays it out.

In the UK there is a politician who used to command respect and was feted for his intellect – even by people who did not agree with much of what he said. Even though his political legacy is deeply unimpressive on closer examination, he was considered a man with democratic principles. He even coined an excellent series of questions to ask anyone with power.

“The House will forgive me for quoting myself, but in the course of my life I have developed five little democratic questions. If one meets a powerful person–Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin or Bill Gates–ask them five questions: “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?”

These were questions he failed to ask in his famous fawning interview with Saddam Hussain.

In the last few years this man has lost his way and tarnished his image as a democrat. No. Let’s get this right, he dipped it in thick tar and excrement, and set upon it with a lump hammer.

Currently he is President of the Stop the War Coalition, an organisation that seems set on a terrorist victory in Iraq. Rather than welcoming elections in a previous dictatorship, they have taken the side of Ba’athist-Islamist killers who seek to prevent elections wanted by 81% of Iraqis.


Via Does This Offend You comes this tidbit about some coffee grown by the Contra’s.

Contra Caf? began with a dinner conversation in Matagalpa, Nicaragua in late August 2004. I was with Erwin Mierisch, a 35 year-old Nicaraguan coffee producer and exporter. While we waited for our food, he described a meeting that he had recently had with the leaders of a cooperative of small Nicaraguan coffee growers.

The name of this cooperative was a mouthful: Uni?n de Cooperativas Agropecuarias de Servicios Unidas de Mancotal or UCASUMAN. The cooperative was exceptional because all 160 of its members had fought for the Fuerza Democr?tica Nicarag?ense – better known as the Contras – against the Sandinistas in the 1980s.

Erwin recounted how his conversation with the cooperative’s leaders had turned from export business to the recent death of President Ronald Reagan. These small farmers and former Contra fighters told Erwin that Nicaragua owes a huge debt to President Reagan. They argued that Nicaragua enjoys democracy and freedom today largely because of Reagan’s unyielding support for the Contra fight to overthrow the Sandinista regime. Erwin described how a few of the men had even begun to tear up as they explained what Reagan had done for Nicaragua.

Contra Caf? buys coffee from a cooperative called UCASUMAN (Uni?n de Cooperativas Agropecuarias de Servicios Unidas de Mancotal). All of the cooperative’s members fought with the Fuerza Democr&aacutetica Nicarag?ense – better known as the Contras – against the Sandinistas in the 1980s. Today, these former freedom fighters struggle to get by on
the profits from their 1-2 acre coffee farms. Here are the stories of two members in their own words…


It’s almost here, the moment a new nation will be born, one that we all hope will be free for a long time to come. Make us proud Iraq, please don’t let our soldiers death’s be in vain. From the brothers over at Iraq The Model

Less than 48 hours left before the people of Iraq experience free decision making for the first time in their country’s modern history.
It’s a moment of pure freedom but still surrounded by lots of dangers just like any beautiful rose surrounded by spikes.

There is fear from the enemies of freedom who have their weapons already prepared to intimidate us and stop us from choosing our future.

But at the same time we’re full of hope as we know that we’ve put our feet on the right track and even if we make a bad choice once, we know that we will have the chance to reevaluate the situation again.

No more tyrants ruling the country for decades.

We’re standing before a historic moment and I won’t be exaggerating if I said that it’s an important moment for the whole world; we’re standing before a crossroads and everyone should watch and learn from the rebirth of Iraq.

Regardless of the winners in the se elections, those who opposed the elections and resisted the change will have to deal with the new reality.

In 48 hours from now, the dying dictatorships and their filthy tools, the terrorists, will find themselves facing an elected legitimate government in Iraq.

The tyrants nightmare is becoming reality, now they will have to deal with the scariest word in their dictionaries; THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.


And The Tar Pit turned me on to this very intriguing website called Project USA comes this tidbit

Just last week, Utah Congressman Chris Cannon told the Salt Lake Tribune that he is “determined to help President Bush reform the nation’s immigration laws, despite resistance from Republicans and a barrage of attacks [he] endured from immigration foes in his recent re-election.”

But today it’s being announced that Rep. Cannon, the “point man” in Congress for the White House on immigration, is off the immigration subcommittee.

For the tens of thousands of American families already devastated by Chris Cannon’s work in Congress, e.g., on H-1b visas, it’s too late, of course, but the news of Cannon’s exit has to be seen as another enormously encouraging sign that the transnational ideologues running the show at the White House will be unable to do much beyond duping the president.

The big losers with Cannon’s exit are the immigration lawyers and the Wall Street Journal.

The departure of the immigration lawyers’ favorite Congressman from the position in which he’s done so much to increase their customer base must have the immigration lawyer industry in a mad scramble this morning to find someone else who’ll keep the immigration loopholes open.

How cheated the immigration lawyers must feel!

They spent a lot of money in the last election making sure Rep. Cannon remained in office, and now he is worth only a fraction of what he was while on the Immigration, Border Security, and Claims subcommittee.

The other big loser, the Wall Street Journal, has for 20 years advocated a five word constitutional amendment reading, “There shall be open borders.” The radical ideologues running the WSJ editorial page placed such a high value on Cannon’s immigration work in the House that, during the last election season, it published two disgraceful editorials in rapid succession specifically targeting Cannon’s race (and ProjectUSA)–editorials Cannon mailed to every registered Republican in his district.

ProjectUSA has filed four formal complaints so far with the House Ethics Committee asking for an investigation into Congressman Chris Cannon, and we’re working on a fifth. Requests for investigations are also pending or active with at least three federal law enforcment agencies. Chris Cannon, in other words, won’t likely fade from the scene and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of those investigations.

But, for today, if you believe as we do that the United States is a country, not a market, that the advocacy of mass immigration on economic grounds is inherently evil: humans are not packaged goods, and that a country should do its own work, go about your business with a lighter step.

Starting today, the U.S. Congress poses less of a threat to the American people.

I’ll cheer to that

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