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Got a update on the coward from Bill over at Small Town Veteran about the coward Pablo Peredes. I didn’t want to include this guy with the real hero, Sgt Rafael Peralta, in the same post again so I’m making a new post.

Pablo Gets Used

His Fifteen Minutes Are Up

EARLY SATURDAY MORNING, Pablo Paredes made the first smart move he’s done since he refused to board his ship two weeks ago: he put on his uniform and surrendered himself to authorities at the San Diego Naval Station

He also points me to Flight Pundit who has some further info.

Just read the good news that Pablo is back in military control. However, the Union-Tribune article states that he’s in the TPU [Transient Personnel Unit], not in pre-trial confinement (PTC). Seeing as how he surrendered back to military control, my bet is he’s in the TPU. The standard for PTC is set forth in RCM 305(h)(2)(D), and requires that he either be a flight risk or likely to engage in serious criminal misconduct.

I handled lots of UA [Unauthorized Absence] cases as a trial and defense counsel, and I never ever saw anyone put in PTC if he surrendered from UA. Reasoning? If he came back voluntarily, [he’s] not a flight risk. Plus, going UA [is] not serious criminal misconduct as contemplated by the rules.

I gather that Pablo surrendered himself less than 30 days into his UA. Thus, he’s looking at 6 months for the UA, and 2 years and a DD [Dishonorable Discharge] for missing movement by design (plus whatever other charges might apply). I have little doubt that were this case referred to a GCM [General Court Martial], members would not hesitate to give Pablo something close to the max. It will be interesting to see how the case goes. If I were prosecuting, I would recommend offering a deal for a guilty plea (in the military, deals are up to the convening authority, not the prosecutor). This would get Pablo to admit his guilt, take away a forum for him and his attys, and finish up the case with a minimum of fuss.

However, the guy wants to be a martyr, so he may insist on a trial so he/his attys can grandstand and generate publicity. If there is a trial, I would encourage you to tell the former shipmates/supervisors who have contacted you with Pablo stories to get in touch with the prosecutors pronto. They have good evidence, either for aggravation in sentencing, or on the merits to chip away at possible defenses and arguments.

And now even further info over at Citizen Smash, apparently when he turned himself in there was a rally with those who supported him, you wanna guess who supports this piece of dung? Let see, there is San Diego Veterans for Peace, and Support Now for an Armed Forces Union(SNAFU) which is affiliated with ANSWER, both of them being apart of this wonderful jackass of a group Neo-Stalinist Workers World Party. According to Smash SNAFU has a tribute to one of their hero’s

One of the resisters they praise is Hasan Akbar. In case the name doesnt?t sound familiar, Akbar is the soldier who is facing the death penalty for allegedly murdering two of his fellow soldiers and wounding 14 others in a grenade attack last March in Kuwait.

Smash ends with this

These are the types of people that Pablo has fallen in with. Saturdays rally was sponsored and organized, in part, by the International Socialist Organization. They had their table out at the protest site, at which they were selling books by Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara.

Pablo claims to be a conscientious objector. But the fact is, he’s a non-practicing Catholic. His opposition to the war isn’t based on religious conviction — it is a direct result of his indoctrination into a far-left, anti-American, revolutionary socialist ideology. Nobody has ever been granted conscientious objector status for being a socialist.

Bottom line: We’ve given this guy way too much attention, which is precisely what he wants. Its time for us to move on, and focus on the positive.

I think I will follow his advice because we are giving him way too much attention. Eff him and his anti-american buddies.

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