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I’m back from San Diego, a little hung over but back in one piece. Now onto my regular programming.

Arthur over at Chrenkoff has a post up about the smear campaign the left is doing against the Iraq bloggers who actually are happy that we went in and kicked the dictator in the nutsack.

Specifically he points us to Martini Republic who trashes Iraq The Model. Here are a few quotes:

“”Maybe you’ve wondered: What kind of operations does the U.S. Government conduct in the line of pumping ‘favorable’ propaganda regarding Iraq?

“And, more importantly, since this is such an unpopular War: Would the runaway Republican Government dare conduct below-board ops and psy-ops not just in Iraq, but right here in the U.S?

“In the blogosphere, the practice of ‘blog trolling’ – touting the ‘right’ messengers with a mix of above-board, official recognition and below-board, ideology-based, sustained pump-priming, to generate a following for propagandistic messengers far beyond their natural level of interest- and to perchance achieve key mainstream media placement without normal media vetting – can ‘celebritize’ a messenger or messengers, and help to turn bloggers into propagandists.”

Arthur responds with:

“Yes, Iraq the Model is one of these, and the brave anti-intelligence operatives at Martini Republic want some questions answered; for example, what sort of shadowy role is the government playing in supporting the Iraq the Model brothers’ current US tour? Is it just a coincidence that their Internet Service Provider is a company near Abilene, Texas, which happens to be the home base of the 490th Army Civil Reserve Unit? And just how much money is the US government paying them?

No, I’m not making these things up – it’s all there, generously sprinkled for good effect with bold font so that readers won’t miss all the really good points.”

It’s funny how the left will only believe those people who hate their government or hate anything American. If there is actually a Iraqi out there who likes the fact they no longer live under a dictator then he is what? A American spy, that’s what he is! Why it must be a US conspiracy to put out only the good news, those guys at Iraq The Model aren’t Iraqis, they are some spy’s blogging from Langley.

What happened to these people in their childhood to make them so ridiculous, were they dropped on their head? Just makes no friggin sense.

Ok, enough of that(taking a deep breath). The fellas over at Iraq The Model responded to this foolishness along with the stupidity of another conspiracy theory out there. The conspiracy of Riverbend not being as highly touted as Iraq The Model. Could it be that Riverbend is in the minority, I mean she is so anti-democracy that she doesn’t want to give herself the right to vote. Plus the wackos at Martini Republic and Juan Cole don’t even believe the guys at Iraq The Model are really Iraqis. Here is their response to the wackjobs

“Each camp claims to be the majority, but even the polls that many people rely on say that the majority of Iraqis want the elections. So do us, while riverbend does not believe in the elections which should put her with the minority, but Dr Cole and Joseph among others still insist that her view represent the majority! And that is only when they accept that we are Iraqis, as there has been a great amount of suspicion about this too! We, the ones who have put our full true names, allowed to be photographed by a major newspaper like the USATODAY, interviewed by the BBC TV, and have formed a party that has been approved by the higher commission for Elections in Iraq and are forming coalitions with other parties, still have to prove that we are Iraqis. While someone using a pen name with no evidence whatever that he/she is actually living in Iraq is considered to be a “real Iraqi”! Can someone please tell me the philosophy behind such argument? As it has to be philosophy that can only try and solve such a mystery since logic won’t possibly do.”


Can it get any better? Read on:

“I’ve exposed you once Dr. Cole and so I did to you precious Riverbend, but I, and my brothers have great expectations for our country and we spend most of our time trying to make them come true. However, if you ever insult my brothers again, I’ll make sure to make time for you with a free bonus to your Riverbend. So don’t let me put you on my mind or else you’d better focus on something other than Iraq. Talk about Lebanon, or Yemen. Yemen is good! You haven’t messed up with a Yemeni blogger I assume? Or if you can’t live without talking about Iraq, then keep it poetic. It saves my time and your reputation.”Right on fellas. A big Ooh Rah! to you two.

The guys over at Foreign Dispatches and Little Green Footballs are following this story also, stay tuned.

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