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The Independent is reporting some news that I’m sure will put a smile on your face.

Apparently Kofi is “surprised” that his son was on the take, ahem, was on the payroll of Cotecna for four years longer then he first admitted.

“Mr Annan said last night he was “very disappointed and surprised” that his son Kojo had not told him the full story of his links to Cotecna in Geneva.”

Yes, we all believe that….I mean how would you know that your own son was working for a company that was perpetrating the biggest rip-off in history. But then again, your the king poobah of a certain organization that helped give birth to that rip-off and then nurtured it to adulthood….what does that tell us? It tells us that your a worthless piece of dog crap. So no, I don’t believe your “surprise”….take your surprise and shove it.

Or as Emperor Darth Misha I so eloquently put it

“What in the name of the dangling right testicle of the guardian of the Ninth Gate of Hell do you take us for, you useless teat on the barren, syphilitic sow that is the UN? One of your employees? Pardon us for saying so, but nowhere outside of Turtle Bay have prokaryotes managed to pose as human beings, much less believe any of the unbelievably, unutterably stupid shite that you try to foist on mankind, so save your “surprise” for the jury – and the firing squad, if ever we have our fondest dreams come true.

Go furrow your brow and pass a resolution somewhere, you chancrous scab on the scrotum of humanity, then kindly eat a bullet and pass into obscurity where you so rightfully belong.”

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