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The Iraqi government has set a firm date for their election. The terrorist’s stronghold of Fallujah has been taken and make no mistake, their backbone has been broken. There will definately be isolated acts of violence by the remaining terrorists but their intelligence is gone. Here is what Captain Ed had to say about it.

The terrorists made a serious miscalculation about their ability to withstand the Coalition offensive in their fortified City of Mosques, and also the determination of the Iraqis and Americans to clear out anywhere the terrorists gathered — including those same mosques. The resultant collapse came so quickly that the terrorists abandoned most of their intelligence and supplies, allowing the Americans and Iraqis to quickly find other cells and associates of the Islamist network. This led to the capture of 1450 Fallujan combatants, the surprise seizure of 104 more in Baghdad, as well as this:

Northwest of Baghdad, U.S. forces conducted a raid to capture a “high value target” associated with Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in an area northwest of Baghdad, a U.S. spokesman said Sunday. Three people were detained.

Late Saturday, Marines conducted a “limited-scale” raid to disrupt insurgent activities in the Haqlaniyah area, about 135 miles northwest of Baghdad, said 1st Lt. Lyle Gilbert.

Three people were detained and a weapons cache was confiscated, Gilbert said. He did not specify whether any of the three was the “high value target” that U.S. forces were seeking.

This shows the determination of the Iraqi people to be a free society, they wont let a bunch of thugs scare them away from voting.

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